Reese Witherspoon global ambassador Biossance

Reese Witherspoon new global ambassador for Biossance

Reese Witherspoon new global ambassador for Biossance

In Irish fashion news, American actress, Reese Witherspoon has been appointed the new global brand ambassador from skin and beauty brand Biossance.

The 45-year-old movie star has joined the American branded environmentally friendly skin and beauty company after trying experimenting with their products ad being impressed with the results.

About Biossance

California based Biossance was founded back in 2016 by Caroline Hadfield who design top-selling skin and beauty products formulated with clean, safe ingredients.

Witherspoon will take up her role with immediate effect and has completed a 5-year deal with Biossance to represent their line of beauty and skin care products.

On announcing the news of Reese’s new appointment president of Biossance Catherine Gore commented that Reese was the ideal candidate for her new role and believes that she will be able to spread to word to her own audience across social media about everything that is good about Biossance’s beauty and skin products.

Catherine said “The tides are changing in beauty in terms of awareness, and what drew us to Reese is that she’s always been a champion for empowerment and education. The Biossance global brand strategy has always hinged on education, and Reese provides a platform with her book club that creates an ability and openness to learn.”

Reese added “What Catherine says is that Biossance incorporates the nerdy parts of science, but the charming side of skin care. There’s a way to talk to consumers and get them to be more thoughtful about what kind of products they buy, and what they’re investing in as a company,”

“I know what I’m really good at. I’m really good at making movies and television shows. Biossance isn’t a legacy, long-term brand so they’re very open to new ideas. I really enjoy making educational yet entertaining content, which will be a piece of it for sure,

It’s understood that Reese is taking time to understand the product development of Biossance’s beauty and skin products which will give her a greater insight to explain to her audience of follows of the true benefits of each product.

Reese Witherspoon new global ambassador for Biossance

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