Will.i.am Xupermask face mask

Will.i.am unveils his fashionable Xupermask face mask

Will.i.am unveils his fashionable Xupermask face mask

In Irish fashion news, American singer songwriter, Will.i.am has teamed up with tech company, Honeywell to create a high-tech version of the covid-19 pandemic face mask.

The 46-year-old music artist has joined forces with US technology and manufacturing company Honeywell to create the Xupermask which according to them is a high-tech version of the pandemic’s most sought after accessory, the face mask.

The Xupermask comes in an adjustable design constructed using medical grade silicone which is safe and comfortable when placed against the skin. Its features include a 3-speed setting fan along with Honeywell’s High-efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filtration system. To complete this facial luxury piece of design, it also comes complete with noise cancelling audio and microphone capabilities, Bluetooth and LED day glow lights.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, face masks have been mandatory in most countries around the world in a home of stopping the spread of the disease. This has also seen an increase in demand for smart fashion designed masks with all the major fashion houses and designers cashing in and creating their own brand designer fashion face masks.

According to Will.i.am, he sees his new mask as a major breakthrough in revolutionising the way people will look and use their face masks into the future.

On announcing the news of his new collaboration with Honeywell, the LA singer revealed the inspiration behind the design of his new Xupermask. Will.i.am commented “iPhone to iPod. Right, so, you got the iPod, and you wanted it to do more. Somebody said, ‘imagine you could talk on this thing.”

“People have companies that are on iPhones, and I think there’s the same potential with a mask — being an ecosystem that opens up for people to add and complete the thought.”

This might sound a bit all to sci-fi to some, but this is real and happening with both Will.i.am and Honeywell both hoping that their new fashionable Xupermask mask will not only be a hit with consumers but will also be attractive to corporates as mobile pieces of protection and communication for their staff.

The new Xupermask will go on sale globally this Thursday 8th April 2021 and can be viewed and purchased at the Xupermask website for $299.


Will.i.am unveils his fashionable Xupermask face mask

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