Ways to style straight leg white jeans during Spring Ireland

Ways to style straight leg white jeans during Spring

Ways to style straight leg white jeans during Spring

With Spring truly underway and lock down restrictions finally on the horizon, it’s time to enjoy springtime fashion. With longer days and warmer temperatures now the norm, spring and summer fashion styling is on every gals mind.

Enter the straight leg white jeans. These beauties can transform any stylish women’s look in an instant. Their bright breezy and cheerful look makes them perfect for any choice of jean wear during spring.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we are going to look at quick ways to style your straight leg white jeans in the coming months. We all know they are fab below the waist fashion pieces of fashion. It’s how we style them that really matter.

The navy jumper effect

Springtime fashion is a great opportunity for any fashionista to show off her fashion look in a great casual way. Enter the navy sweater and white jeans combo. This relaxed look is one of the easiest to assemble and go.

Navy oversized sweaters are great when paired with straight leg jeans during the spring. Looking for something more dress me up, Op for a fitted v-neck sweater and fuse with a crisp white shirt and your straight legs.

Add plain white trainers or pumps, depending on the occasion. Both casual and smart fashion looks to get you through spring in style.

Blush in pink

For those of you looking for something a little more stylish and eye-catching, add a touch of pink to your finish. A fitted pink blazer matches perfectly with a pair of straight leg white jeans.

All you have to worry about now if your choice of top. For a relaxed finish opt for striped tees and white trainer finish. This makes your look more interesting. More formal?

Add a white crisp white shirt. Complete the look with heels or pumps. Add black or tan style sunglasses (not rose tint) and you are goo to go!

Plaited Waistband Straight leg Jeans Ted Baker Ireland

Plaited Waistband Straight leg Jeans

Check it out

We personally love this look during springtime. A checked monochrome blazer fused with straight leg jeans has a chic and classy look it. This is where you can get inventive with your underlaying.

Add a white blouse or even reverse it out with a black shirt. Don a cool pair of loafers or heels and bingo. This stylish look can take you from lunchtime to evening wear in style instantly.

All white

Fusing white with white can be flattering but some caution is needed when prepping any stylish finish. White tops or jackets look fab when paired with straight leg jeans. However, fusion of shades should be strongly considered.

A simple white tee with white leg jeans is cool but consider denim as a finishing option. A cropped blue or black denim jacket works either way. It’s not too overdressed but enough to give your look some type of individualisation. Finish with plain white sneakers or stylish pair of neutral heels. Don’t forget your shades.

Animal print combo

Last season looks like it’s going to repeat itself when it comes to animal print combos. This can be in the form of a snake print top or your heel finish (not both) If you are opting for animal print above the waist, finish your footwork with neutral heels.

Switching this out? add a nice puff sleeve top with snake style pumps or heels is very smart. Neutralise your handbag with shades to finish.

Final thought

As we all know, any type of white clothing can be a devil to keep clean. Spillages like red wine or grass stains can ruin any great white jeans look. Just be careful on your choice of drink or your activities when wearing any type of white clothing. The last thing you need is unwanted stains spoiling your casual or smart fashion finish during spring.


Ways to style straight leg white jeans during Spring

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