Essential Men's fashion items that are worth the investment Ireland

Essential Men’s fashion items that are worth the investment

Essential Men’s fashion items that are worth the investment

We hoped that by now, you have noticed that things has somewhat soured for fast fashion creators. While you can blame CEOs for making millions on clothes that go to landfill in just a few weeks after they are made, shoppers are waking up to the role that they play.

This means that people are buying less or buying second-hand pieces. In an effort to combat fast fashion, some people are looking to buy clothes that last. But which pieces should you be looking out for? Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our picks of the essential items that are worth investing your money in.

Classic Outerwear

No matter who you are and what your current wardrobe is like, everyone needs a killer coat. There is a reason why certain trends in outerwear keep coming back. And, although you can wear a trench coat over a hoodie now rather than a suit, it is basically the same thing.

If you are looking for a killer coat and do not mind splashing the cash, the specialist brands are still the way to go. A classic coat from Burberry will never date and will keep you dry and warm.

Although the coat may not change, how you wear it has. Ideally get a trench in a classic colour like beige or olive. That way, you can rock it with anything, from suits, to hoodies to jean and t-shirts. Great news if you are looking for value for money.

Shoes That Last

When it comes to luxury brands and their prices, there are three determining factors: what the item is made from, how it is made, and how much money is spent on advertising. Some brands like to focus on the last one, meaning their shoes may look great, but not last long.

Instead, look for brands that focus on craftsmanship. While they may eat into your budget, they will likely last longer than you will.

A pair of brogues can be worn with everything, especially jeans. While your black Oxfords work best with your classic tailoring. When it comes to boots, it depends on how rugged you want to go.

A Watch You Can Wear With Anything

If you only are about being punctual, stay away from luxury watches as they will not be great value for money. When it comes to timekeeping, you can just stick to the clock programmed into your phone.

But if you are looking for care, dedication and craftsmanship, go to Switzerland. Not only will an Omega Seamaster complete any outfit but it will keep ticking for as long as you do. And if you are looking for a literal investment piece, you cannot go wrong with Rolexes as they tend to go up in value.

Knitwear Made From The Right Stuff

There are plenty of brands that would have you believe you can buy cashmere cheaply. However, not all cashmere is created equally. The cashmere that feels like angel’s hair, is made from goats that is brushed out by their nomadic herders. Whereas the cheap stuff is from sheared goats and is often mixed with yak or even rat hair. A good quality cashmere jumper will be soft, warm and last for a long time.

It is worth investing in a cashmere sweater, especially one in a versatile colour. This way, you can wear it with most things in your wardrobe. Just try not to wear it every day, as hard as that will be. And if you are looking for a more cost-effective item, you can always go for a cashmere scarf, which is just as adaptable as your jumper.

A Suit That Is Right For You

To the untrained eye, a bespoke suit does not look any different from one made-to-measure. But go ask a tailor and they will tell you the difference. When something like a suit fits you perfectly, it will hide any of your insecurities and emphasise your best bits.

A good tailor can take into account every long arm or slightly low shoulder. They can craft pieces that feel like a second skin. We will admit that if you are not that oddly shaped, a made-to-measure suit will work fine. However, nothing fits quite like a bespoke one.

These days, the rules for wearing a suit are more relaxed than decades ago. But we recommend going for a classic design so it works with your current wardrobe.

Essential Men’s fashion items that are worth the investment

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