Beauty looks from 1970 's

How to apply 70s beauty trends the modern way

How to apply 70s beauty trends the modern way

The 70s were an iconic decade for many reasons. Along with the rise of disco music, many beauty trends were led by household names like Diana Ross and Donna Summers.

In fact, some of your favourite celebs and influencers are still rocking 70-inspired glam. And who can blame them? from playful eyeshadow looks to nails with intricately designs, 70s beauty trends have made the ultimate comeback.

Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out how you can incorporate this groovy decade into your current beauty routine.


Sometimes, you have to look to the past to get inspiration for your current makeup looks. Especially if you are willing to experiment and have fun with your beauty looks.

When we think of 70s makeup, we think of bold colours, soft blush and nude lips. keeping the emphasis on your eyes is the key to pulling off the look. so, keep colour, shimmer and lots of lashes in mind. And, 70s makeup translate well today as we all wear our masks.

Before tackling your eyes, you’ll want to start off with your skin makeup. Which means you want a dewy foundation that has a radiant finish.

Next, you can move onto your eyes. However, if bold eye looks intimidate you, feel free to do your eye makeup first. To stay on-trend, look for palettes with dreamy pastels shades or bold jewel-tones. To add an extra 70s flare, make sure you finish with some sparkle or glitter pigments. When it comes to your lashes, bigger is always better.


As we have all been wearing our masks for a while now, many of us have found new ways to express our beauty. Simply put, there is no better time to experiment with some funky nail designs. More people are expressing themselves with colours, patterns, length and shape.

When it comes to a 70s nail look, there is no right or wrong way. In fact, the hardest part is choosing which designs to go with. Pastels and flowers are always a good look.

How to apply 70s beauty trends the modern way

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