Woman wearing Lingerie in Ireland 2021

The best types of lingerie for woman in 2021

The best types of lingerie for woman in 2021

When it comes to our bodies, there are endless shapes and sizes. So, it goes without saying that there is a wide range of lingerie available too.

Lingerie is used to flatter your figure and make you feel comfortable in your skin. The perfect piece has the ability to make you feel confident and ready to take on the world. To find out the best lingerie pieces everyone should own, keep on reading.

Matching Sets

Is there any better feeling than when your underwear matches each other? Wearing a bra that is the same shade or material as your underwear can make you feel invincible. To that end, matching set can be a flirty approach to wearing lingerie as it draws attention to your whole body.

Garter Belt

Turn up the heat with a garter belt. This piece of lingerie wraps around your waist and usually is made from lace. If you are on the lookout for a edgier vibe, get one in leather. For those of you with an hourglass figure, a garter belt is a great way to emphasise your waist.


Throughout history, the symbolism of the corset has changed. Once seen as oppressive, the power has shifted back to women. This is because a corset that fits correctly can be seductive and commanding.

Traditionally, a corset is used to give an hourglass silhouette and has boning along the seams. While laces are usually at the back, they can appear at the front and sides for a modern appearance.


Lingerie’s equivalent to a one-piece swimsuit, a teddy is a playful garment that suits everyone. It flatters all figures and is usually available in lace, leather, mesh or other fabrics. For those of you with inverted triangle body shapes, a teddy will look particularly flattering as it will balance out wide shoulders.


Introduced in 18th France, the negligee is often closely associated with femininity and romance. Think of this sheer garment as a flirty alternative to a fuzzy dressing gown. Wear it with your favourite lingerie or just on its own.

The best types of lingerie for woman in 2021

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