Lady Gaga named as new face of Dom Pérignon

Lady Gaga named as new face of Dom Pérignon

Lady Gaga named as new face of Dom Pérignon

In Irish fashion news, American singer and fashion designer, Lady Gaga has taken up a collaborative role with Dom Pérignon.

The New York singer has joined forces with the champagne house of Moët & Chandon who are producers of the luxury champagne brand Dom Pérignon and has taken on her new ambassador role in the wake of her other partnership with makers of America’s favourite cookies, Oreo.

On announcing the news of her appointment with Dom Pérignon, the 35-year old singer was snapped by British photographer Nick Knight holding a bottle of deep purple 2006 vintage sparkling rosé.

The photo which Gaga shared on her 47 million followers on Instagram shared a caption Saying “I am very excited to announce my collaboration with @domperignonofficial! Dom Pérignon and I are both driven by the need for creative freedom and we’re excited to share the Queendom with you, an artistic universe we created with my dear friend @nick_knight!”

The ‘House of Gucci” and “A Star is Born” actress included a clip saying “I’m so excited to announce that I will be collaborating with the champagne house Dom Pérignon or La Maison Dom Pérignon as they say in French.”

Gaga commented “Their tradition is centuries old, but they push their own boundaries and find ways to reinvent themselves completely. And I am thrilled that we will be able to celebrate this together.”

This all comes at the same as Lady gaga has joined forces with Oreo to launch their new ‘Chromatica’ cookies which takes its name from Gaga’s album of the same name.

This new vanilla-flavoured biscuit treat exchanges the dark chocolate for a bubbly pink and bright green duo finish which even features the ‘Chromatica’ logo, a heart, and Lady Gaga in her heels.

The 12 times Grammy Award singing and acting star is known worldwide for her elaborate and flamboyant fashion styles and is perceived by many to one of the top fashion icons on this decade.


Lady Gaga named as new face of Dom Pérignon

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