Important styling tips that every short man should know Tom Cruise 2021

Important styling tips that every short man should know

Important styling tips that every short man should know

If you are a man who is under 5’9”, you will know the pain of shopping for clothes. Most clothes are made for men a little taller, which means you spend a lot of time getting clothes altered.

Dressing for your height can be painful. However, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out of trends or certain styles you want to wear. With our tips here at Men’s fashion Ireland, you should be able to step up your style, no matter what height you are.

Use Template Trousers

Let’s face it. Shorter guys never seem to be able to buy clothes that are off-the-rack as they usually are too long. Luckily for you, your local tailor can fix this problem for a small fee. This way you have a pair of trousers that fit your perfectly. And the best thing about this is that you can use this pair as a template. Simply take it with you next time you are getting next trousers hemmed as a blueprint.

Block It Out

People use clothing to create the illusion of length. And the best approach is when the top and bottom run into each other. That being said, you should wear block colours in the same or similar shades. When in doubt, go with monochrome. This will make your body seem longer and slimmer as there is little contrast.

Raise That Waist

When it comes to getting the right style, it is all about the right proportions. If you are on the short side, this means you probably want to lengthen your legs.

To make this happen, tuck your shirt into the waist of your trousers. additionally, have your waistband near your waist and not your hips. This will add a couple of inches to your legs, making them look leaner. As a result, you look taller.

Keep Clothes Slim

Vertical-wise, if you haven’t got that much going for you, you need to minimise what is happening horizontally. Simply put, you should probably stay far away from baggy clothing. Not only can it look super unflattering when styled in the wrong way, but your frame will disappear in baggy clothes.

Slimmer fits can make you look leaner and taller so it’s best to stick with straight or tapered styles.

Add Some Interest Up Top

You don’t need us to tell you that you should steer clear of patterned trousers. when it comes to your outfit, it is best to keep all the pattern up top. This way, you will draw people’s attention up and not downwards, making you look taller.

So, if you do want to rock a pattern, stick to neutral trousers and wear your prints or patterns with your shirts or knitwear.

Important styling tips that every short man should know

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