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Ways to style white ladies trousers for any occasion

Ways to style white ladies trousers for any occasion

White trousers do not get as much love as their darker counterparts. Which is a shame. They are just as chic and versatile due to their neutral and unconventional shade.

And they are easier to style than you’d think. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how to wear white trousers for different occasions.


If you are tired of wearing your boring black jeans, try some white denim instead. To wear your white trousers in a casual way, choose a simple design with comfortable fabric. What we mean is that you should ditch the silk flares.

For a street style look, pair your white jeans with a hoodie and finish with a smart coat over the top.


For formal occasions, white trousers make a chic choice. In fact, they can often look better than black trousers. You just need to choose the right style. Wide-legged styles in luscious material will give you an elegant finish. For the rest of your look, keep things monochromatic. Then, finish things off with a bold lip or jewellery.


White can appear refreshing in the warm, summer weather. While white jeans can work and look great on everyone, warmer weather calls for lighter fabrics.

Keeping with that tip, swap out your skinny jeans for some wide legged trousers. This will keep more air circulating around your legs and keep you cool. And while you can wear a loose t-shirt for a casual look, try a bandeau or crop top. Whatever you choose to wear, be sure to add a pop of colour. This will enhance your summery ensemble.


While you may think of white jeans as a summer item, there is no need to pack them away when it comes to winter. In fact, with just a few style tweaks, they can be the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Not to mention, they can help you break away from traditional dark denim.

Opt to rock your white jeans with seasonal staples like burgundy jumpers or grey turtlenecks.

White Jeans

Much like any denim, the trick to wearing white jeans is knowing how to style them. For example, ripped jeans can give off a casual vibe while slim-cut jeans appear more formal. When it comes to the shape and cut, it all comes down to whatever you are comfortable wearing.

As for colour, you can rock pastels for a feminine look. However, if you are feeling bold, stick with brighter colours. Black will offer a sharp contrast and give you a monochrome look. But, if you are after an understated look, stick with your neutrals.

Ways to style white ladies trousers for any occasion

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