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Anti-Counterfeiting campaign underway to stop fake traders

Anti-Counterfeiting campaign underway to stop fake traders

In Irish fashion news, social network giant has teamed up with Anti-Counterfeiting Group in the UK to search out on-line fake traders. This new campaign between Facebook and Anti-Counterfeiting Group is designed to clamp down on rogue traders who are selling counterfeit goods across the web.

Also involved are the Intellectual Property Office in the UK who with the help of the ACG (Anti-Counterfeiting Group) and Facebook, hope to limit and eradicate rouge traders who are selling unlicensed and counterfeit goods.

The campaign will target traders who are selling anything counterfeit related that will hopefully catch out companies selling fake fashion and beauty goods to unsuspecting consumers which is estimated to cost fashion houses and beauty brands hundreds of millions in lost revenue every year.

Their “Operation Clover’ will entail all 3 parties pulling on each other’s resources to hunt down illicit traders and removing them from Facebook and other social media platform listings.

Phil Lewis who is the director general for Anti-Counterfeiting Group commented that traders in counterfeit goods are using prestigious brand names to sell illicit and potentially dangerous products online.

Phil said “Despite the easing of restrictions, Covid-19 continues to have a profound effect on the retail sector. “With many shops still closed, shoppers have instead gone online to buy their gifts, and sellers have jumped in to meet that demand.”

“Disreputable sellers are trading from their homes and garages, selling fake items bearing well established global brand names, including potentially unsafe cosmetics, perfume, clothing, electrical goods and toys.”

Graham Mogg who is intelligence co-ordinator for the Anti-Counterfeiting Group added: “We’re targeting traders that are deceiving shoppers by selling counterfeit goods online.

“These fakes are likely to be poorly made, poorly finished and more likely to be unsafe. That’s why we’ve been working with Facebook to remove listings of potentially counterfeit goods.We want to help protect innocent individuals who are shopping online and simply looking for an Easter bargain.”

“ACG is very grateful to Facebook and the IPO Intelligence Hub for their support. Certainly, without them this operation wouldn’t have been possible.’’

Full details regarding this great new initiative can be found at the Anti-Counterfeiting Group website.

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