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Ways to inject fun into any boring jeans look

Ways to inject fun into any boring jeans look

We are all obsessed with denim jeans. And with good reason. There are that one fashion item that look great on everyone.

But with many of us stuck in a skinny jean style rut, they can get boring after a while. Especially if you have run out of ways to wear them. So, if you have fallen out of love with your jeans, don’t despair. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we have put together some style tips to help inject some fun into your look.

Pair It With A Blazer

One of the greatest things about a blazer is that it can be dressed up or down. Jeans and a blazer were a huge style trend that started a few years ago and continues to this day.

If you are bored with your basic whit tee and jeans, throw on a blazer on top and see how it changes your outfit. And by keeping your outfit basic, you can play around with the colour and texture of your blazer. Either way, a blazer will add a touch of professionalism to your everyday look.

Switch Our Your Skinny Jeans

While skinny jeans will always look great, more relaxed styles have seen a resurgence in popularity. Especially mom jeans. While you may think these jeans are outdated, there are a few things you can do to modernise them. to dress them up, you can slip on a shirt, tuck it into your waistband and add a belt. When it comes to shoes, it really is all down to preference. Keep it simple with tennis shoes, sandals or even ankle boots.


We cannot stress the importance of accessories when it comes to making your outfit pop. Belts are a must-have accessory and can work wonders for defining your waist. For a touch of glam, slip on some earrings or glittering necklaces. While many of us need glasses to see, we can still use them to make a style statement.

If you are looking to finish your look, you need to add some accessories.


Layers can make a great style statement as well as keep you warm in cold weather. Skinny jeans paired with some knitwear and coat can look super cute. Straight fit jeans with a shirt tucked in and ankle boots can also look great. But when it comes to layering, try not to add in too much colour. This can make your outfit look too busy.

Ways to inject fun into any boring jeans look

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