Vivienne Westwood & Stella McCartney want fur banned

Vivienne Westwood & Stella McCartney want fur banned

Vivienne Westwood & Stella McCartney want fur banned

In sustainable fashion news Ireland, fashion designers UK fashion houses Vivienne Westwood & Stella McCartney are calling for an outright ban on the use of natural fur in the UK.

The pair are being joined in their face to put an end to the use of fur in construction of fashion and accessories by 44-year-old British fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu.

However, their call is being meeting resistance from the NFA (Natural Fibers Alliance) in the UK who claim any restrictions on banning fur with damage the environment which they feel would have a negative effect in contributing to environmental sustainability.

The Natural Fibers Alliance who represents producers of the leather, wool, fur, and other naturally materials feel any ban that would see an increase of usage of synthetic fibers replacing fur in the production of clothing.

In a media statement in response to calls for the banning for fur, the NFA said “Synthetic clothing is one of the top global polluters of waterways. Researchers estimate that synthetic fabrics alone are responsible for up to 35 percent of micro-plastic pollution in our oceans; synthetic clothing ‘sheds’ micro-particles when cleaned. Natural fibers, in contrast, are a sustainable and renewable resource,”

The NFA also stated that fashion designers should also be careful what they wish for. “The primary backers of a fur ban include a small group of fringe activists who want to ban the use of natural animal-derived fibers. These include Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood both use leather with Erdem Moralioglu using silk in his creations.

Head of sustainability and communications for the NFA, Mr Mike Brown said “Designers should know freedom of expression, freedom of choice, and sustainability are vital in fashion. Their advocacy in favour of plastic clothing is tacky and short-sighted.”

Although this may not the end of the matter, other key fashion designers and industry leaders have come out against calls from McCartney, Westwood and Moralioglu calling for the outright ban of fur.

Fashion house, Yves Salomon and Danish fashion designer, Astrid Andersen believe that it is actually plastic that which is the biggest offender to the environmental today calling for more emphasis to be made in sorting out that problem first.

Silvia Fendi who is a member of the legendary Italian fashion house Fendi pointed out that fur is durable that doesn’t even need to washed also stating that fur is totally biodegradable.


Vivienne Westwood & Stella McCartney want fur banned

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