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Fashion tips to consider when buying a leather jacket

Fashion tips to consider when buying a leather jacket

A leather jacket is the epitome of sophistication and cool. But it can be tricky choosing the right one for you.

Luckily, we are here to help you out. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland we’ve rounded up the best tips to consider when choosing the perfect leather jacket for you.


Not all leather jackets is created equally. Some are thin, thick, hard, soft, shiny or suede. Some have a certain texture and details that play into how it fits on your body. Choosing a leather jacket that has a subtle texture will mean your jacket last a long time.

As some leather jackets can be made using plastic materials, something that people often forget is that real leather creases and fades. It will often stretch to conform to your body shape. That being said, real leather will take this in its stride, and this will create the character of the jacket.


This will very much depend on your body shape. Some go for cropped designs, while others stick to ones that end at your hips. Other argue that you need to own both. If you are buying a jacket to go with dresses, a cropped one can look cute. However, if jeans are more your thing, go for a longer fit.


Colour is everything when it comes to the perfect leather jacket. Anything to bright and colourful and you will only be able to wear it with certain pieces. To avoid banishing your jacket to the back of your wardrobe, stick to a classic colour like black.

Shoulder Alignment

Your shoulders should add structure and line up perfectly. If you are going for an oversized boyfriend style jacket, make sure your shoulders are not too wide. If they are too narrow, you run the risk of not being able to move your arms.


Brands are constantly changing up designs for leather jackets. But we firmly believe that you can never go wrong with a classic design. Unless it is removable, avoid a lapel that is too trendy, like a drape or fur one. If you are looking for a more mature design, stick with a no collar collar.


It is so important to check over your leather jacket to make sure it is lined. We cannot tell you how infuriating it is when brands insert a bright lining on a leather jacket. Your jacket is the focal point of your look. Which means that the lining should be simple and not clash.


Some manufacturers put details on the back to make it look more biker style. But others will taper in to create a polished look. neither is right or wrong but make sure you know what style you are looking for.


It all comes down to details. Too many and you lose that classic design you are looking for. Too few and it borders on looking too boring. Zippers and stitching can make or break how your leather jacket looks. Sticking with a classic design will ensure you can wear your leather jacket for years.

Fashion tips to consider when buying a leather jacket

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