Tommy Hilfiger spring 2021 Adaptive collection

New Tommy Hilfiger fashion line for people with disabilities

New Tommy Hilfiger fashion line for people with disabilities

In Irish fashion news, Tommy Hilfiger have launched their latest fashion collection for Spring which also caters for clothing designed for people with disabilities.

The American fashion house which was set up in the US by Tommy Hilfiger in 1986 are today one of the most recognised fashion labels in the world as designers of men’s ladies and children fashion clothing and accessories.

The new spring 2021 fashion collection from Tommy Hilfiger has been created to include their classic designs which is a combination of sporty and stylish mainstream fashion wear.

The twist to this new collection is certain modifications included to clothing that allows for easy opening necklines as well as extended zippers with pulls as well as wide leg openings with sliding drawcords and magnetic buttons all part of this fab new collection designs.

Their new spring collection also includes sit-down wear fashion pieces designed for wheelchair users which features stylish tops designed with expandable back openings as well as low front bottoms that have been created to reduce bunching.

Tommy Hilfiger have also removed uncomfortable pockets and seams and replaced them with dual front plackets to allow for easier access.

This unique collection from one of the world’s favourite fashion houses, also caters for adult and children with prosthetics limbs. Clothing items have been created with wide-leg openings as well as adjustable features to their pants which accommodates for leg braces, casts and orthotics.

In a media statement released by Tommy Hilfiger to accompany the launch of his new spring 2021 collection, Tommy Hilfiger himself commented that getting dresses should be fun and an enjoyable experience that empowers people to look and feel good about the clothes they wear.

Tommy said, “Our adaptive collections have revolutionised everyday dressing for people with disabilities, giving them the independence and confidence to express their individuality through style.”

It was less than 5 years ago when the Tommy Hilfiger brand first introduced their first adaptive apparel collection for children in 2016. In 2017 they then extended this to include adult wear.

Shoppers who visit the Tommy Hilfiger website can now choose clothing to suit their own individual need based on their own abilities.

All adaptive line pieces ordered from the Tommy Hilfiger shop online are shipped in user-friendly packaging that allows for easy opening and returning.


New Tommy Hilfiger fashion line for people with disabilities

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