How to style ladies dungarees in Spring 2021 Ireland 2021

How to style ladies dungarees in Spring 2021

How to style ladies dungarees in Spring 2021

It’s springtime ladies and it’s time to park heavy winter clothing for yet another year. In honesty the past 12 months of fashion has been a total washout, right? Well. it’s time to make up for lost time by dressing for what we hope are better times to come for fashion in the coming months.

Enter the dungaree look which is perfect for any springtime or summer look. One the one great thing about Dungaree fashion is the choice in how to style them.

They are fab casual to smart casual springtime wear that offers versatility in the way you can wear them. From last relaxed looks to something smarter, dungarees can be your best friend this season. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at simple ways to wear dungarees this spring 2021.

Knowing your style helps so let’s take a look at a few key things to remember when dressing your dungarees this season.

What are dungarees?

Let’s rewind back to the 17th century when dungarees where they were first invented as a form of workwear. Traditionally made from denim they were worn as workmen’s clothing constructed from hardwearing denim, dyed in an indigo finish.

These easy to wear beauties combined trouser and top wear together for easy movement of the arms.

Fast forward to today and dungarees have taken on a whole new meaning. Not only reserved for males, dungarees are fashion choices for women of all ages. They can be dresses up or down but still maintain that released fit for great comfort.

Dungaree versus jumpsuit

When it comes to choosing dungarees, choices have no limit. From high side panels to low cut hip finishes you will be spoilt for choice.

Although some consider the denim jumpsuit look a bit too classy, the dungaree makes for a great alternative. Back in 2020, the dungarees made a huge come back on the fashion scene.

Their versatility and different designs became the choice of fashion by lots of celebrities during summer. Not just confined to denim anymore, chic soft fabrics are the main players in any today dungaree fashion look.

One of the main advantage’s dungarees have over jumpsuits is freedom of movement. They are a lot restrictive and can show off tees and shirts more easily.

Choosing your dungarees

As we said earlier, dungarees offer style and versatility with comfort all rolled into one. It’s how you wear them that really matter. Whether worn loose fit or fitted, it’s always important to get the right length to suit your body.

Most dungaree designs today have adjustable straps to adjust to suit your body length. However, always ensure you choose a size that doesn’t require must adjusting for the perfect finish. Note that they also come in different design finishes.

Some have high panelled sides while others have low cut waist finish. Choose a pair that you feel comfortable with and not what looks good on other people.

Quick dungaree styling tips

Again, the look is everything when wearing dungarees. The beauty about these babies is they can be dressed for either relaxed or smart casual finishes. Here’s a few things to help you style your dungarees for this springtime

  • Opt for classic layering like a crisp blouse or shirt. This helps to inject some elegance into your dungaree finish.
  • For any smart type of look you are trying to pull off, avoid any frayed or ripped jean look in your dungaree designs.
  • For bright and breezy springtime days or nights, add a smart longline blazer to your dungaree look. It will protect you from the elements while still maintaining that smart fashionable finish.
  • Going for that casual daytime look? Opt for clean white sneakers to fuse with your flared denims. Moving your look up a notch for full length effect try a full block heel.
  • Always choose pairs which adjustable straps so you tailor to suit your look and fit
  • For those of you with a narrow waist, opt for dungarees with a belt so you can clinch the waist
And finally

For those of you who love the skinny jeans effect, opt for dungarees that that have that jeans leg finish. For larger busted ladies, choose dungarees with a slimmer bib that creates the illusion of a smaller top half finish.


How to style ladies dungarees in Spring 2021

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