Quick ways to style men’s denim jackets in 2021 Ireland

Quick ways to style men’s denim jackets in 2021

Quick ways to style men’s denim jackets in 2021

Since their introduction back in the late 1800’s, the denim jacket is today a cool fashion item enjoyed by all. With Levi’s laying claim to constructing the original design, the denim jacket has taken on many looks and forms.

Originally designed for work men, today women and kids get to enjoy all of the benefits of the liable denim jacket.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we are going to show you quick and easy ways to style your jacket for different occasions. From an array of many colours and variety of materials, see how you can max your denim jacket look in an instant.

Well, the good news is that these hang-ups needn’t be an issue: a denim jacket can suit a man whether or not he swings a hammer or slays a guitar, can be adopted in a way that’s both natural and sharp, and when worn well, will always be, no matter the decade, perennially in style.

Choosing your denim jacket

The main two things to remember when choosing any denim jacket is to get the fit and colour correct. A good denim jacket such be multi-functional, and it should fit and pair with many different outfits.

Your jacket should fit snug over any top like a hoodie or shirt without looking like a blanket. Also take your fit into consideration whether your jacket has a zip or button finish. If it’s too tight it will be uncomfortable to wear.

A good fitting jacket should also land and sit 2-3 inches below the hips. The sleeves should also extend to the thumb line (not beyond) Fabric wise is up to you. Just remember that good jackets should allow for stretch making soft cottons the perfect choice.

The right choice of colour

Today, denim jackets come in just a wide variety of colours and shades. From dark blue denim to black and burgundies, the choice is endless. If you are an avid wear of jeans, look for a different style denim jacket. This makes I your look uninformed.

Try jackets with a bleached or washed-out finish for anything real casual. Note that denim jackets are only ever designed to be casual fashion wear. However, they are fab choices for smart casual pieces if you choose the right design and colour.

Creams, blacks and burgundy when fused with neutral below the belt fashion is really trendy, smart and no seasonal fashion. Whatever your choice, make sure you can fuse your denim jacket with other pieces from your wardrobe.

Styling above the waist

Unlike blazers or sports jackets, denim jackets are not as versatile as them in any way. Denim jackets are casual fashion wear. In saying that a smart shirt in neutral or pastel shades can bland effortlessly with your denim piece.

This is smart casual fashion to be enjoyed for date nights or with friends. During spring and summer, polo shirts will become your denim jacket’s best friend. Dressing down more, look for a plain tee or hoodie look. Keep your shades neutral for the best effects.

Styling below the waist

You are all familiar with the saying “double denim” is a no no right? Well, this is true to some extent but it’s not fashion law. Denim can be worn above and below the belt line on the condition it’s not the same colour and material.

This looks uniformed and oh so bland (yuk) Try and mix up your colours of denim with different shades either jacket or jeans format. Insert a “ripped effect” into your choice of jeans in a slightly different shade to the jacket.

Trousers and denim jackets don’t mix (never ever) Men’s meggings and corduroy can look fab in the right shades. Plain white sneakers, Chelsea boots and loafers make for great casual footwear finish pieces.

And finally

A denim jacket makes for a great wardrobe friend. Like a bottle of wine, they get better with age. As a 12-month fashion pleaser, they make for great layering in light disruptive weather. Get your fit and colour right and you will have a fashion friend for life.


Quick ways to style men’s denim jackets in 2021

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