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Ways to add Y2K fashion into your 2021 wardrobe

Ways to add Y2K fashion into your 2021 wardrobe

The futuristic and tech-loving designs of the early 2000s are back. A blend of pop culture and advancements in technology made fashion in the early 2000s very experimental.

From the Y2K bug in the 90s to Bratz Dolls in the 2000s, there are plenty of nostalgic fashion trends still been worn today. If you want to know how to add some Y2K fashion into your 2021 wardrobe, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out.

What is Y2K Fashion?

It is not surprising that the biggest trends keep coming back into fashion. Usually with a fresh take. The one word you can use to describe the early 2000s or Y2K fashion trends is experimental. And with this generation’s love of all things nostalgic; it was only a matter of time before early 2000s trends made a comeback.

Baby Tees

One of the cutest trends to come out of the 2000s is teeny t-shirts. Typically, these t-shirts are cropped higher than usual and you can find them with cute patterns or quirky quotes. It’s a versatile option to have in your wardrobe and suits everybody.

Shiny Material

Futuristic fashion became a huge trend that coincided with the tech boom of the early 2000s. shiny materials like silver or pearlescent shades made your outfit pop. If subtlety is not your thing, try a metallic puffer jacket or pair of trousers. for a true Y2K outfit, wear them with bright shades like pink or yellow. However, if you want to take this trend with a pinch of salt, stick to metallic accessories.

Baguette Bags

Baguette bags were the first ever ‘It’ bags and they are bigger than ever. A true symbol of the 2000s style aesthetic, baguette bags grew in popularity thanks to Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. These little bags nestled under your arms and were the perfect accessory to go with your look.

If you want a bag that feels nostalgic, opt for vintage Louis Vuitton Pochette or Fendi. However, if futuristic fashion is more your vibe, choose a baguette bag in a metallic colour.

Pleated Skirts

Fully embracing the style of Bratz Dolls, colourful pleated skirts were in full forced during the 2000s. These uniform-like pieces work best with an oversized sweater, crop tops or baby tees. Not to mention, chunky boots and sneakers.

Tie Front Tops

This is one of the biggest trends from the 2000s to come back into fashion is the tie front top. And with pastel tones and ribbed fabric, they’ve gotten a modern update. For a fresh look, wear yours with a bralette, t-shirt or nothing underneath. And the best thing about this trend is that they work with anything. High-waisted jeans, mini-skirts, or wide legged trousers, the outfit possibilities are endless.

Ways to add Y2K fashion into your 2021 wardrobe

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