How to style desert boots in spring 2021 Ireland

How to style desert boots in spring 2021

How to style desert boots in spring 2021

Spring is a tricky season for any type of footwear. Given the unpredictability of the Irish weather, your choice of shoe can cause headaches when styling your look.

With the weather too cool for open toe shoes like sandals, best stick with closed footwear for another few months yet.
Choosing a show to make your fashion look isn’t that hard, all depending on the occasion and finish you are trying to pull off.

Welcome the beautiful desert or sand boot look. These beauties are bright fashion footwear for any springtime day or night look.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland we are going to show you quick and simple ways to style your desert boots during spring.
Whether dressed up or down, you don’t have to be a true fashionista to work out a look that works for you.

The springtime choice of desert boots

The old reliable desert boot comes in many shapes and designs. The heavier designed boot is more of an autumn or winter option. Lightweight deserts are perfect for both springtime and summer fashion choices.

Battered worn looking suede desert boots are great because they actually tell a story. They can add character to your look and show off the type of guy you really are. Sandy suede shades are great a great choice of shade.

They can fuse with jeans or chinos with little fuss or effort. However, beware. When we say the “battered look” doesn’t mean dirty and shabby. Footwear should always look clean to give off any type of presentable fashion finish.

Going back to our unpredictable weather, ensure to keep your boots protected from rain, especially if suede. Use a spray on protection to extend the look of your boots.

Soviet Men's desert boots Ireland

Soviet Men’s desert boots

How to style your desert boots (casual)

One thing we always tell people is, ensure your choice of style is something you like personally. Don’t be guided totally by what other people are wear with their deserts.

You can easily build your own wardrobe look with your dessert boots that suits you. As we said previously, jeans and chinos are always a good starter for any desert boot look.

Fused with a plain or plaid shirt presents a real relaxed finish. It’s not quite warm enough yet for a tee and jeans look. By adding an open shirt look gives you the option to self-regulate your body temperature and remove for warmer days.

Ways to style your desert boots (smart casual)

This is when you want to give your fashion look a bit more of an uplift. Casual is great but smart casual gives you more options when meeting friends. It also allows you to be more inventive with your choice of shades of desert boots.

Tans and stone are always good springtime choices. They have that neutral affect that allows for pairing clothing below and above waist. Yes, jeans are good, but they should have a fitted affect. Sweaters in neutral tones presents a smart snappy finish.

The tailored desert boot effect

This is where balancing your overall fashion finish comes into play. Items like blazers or men’s sports jackets make for smart outer layering. Opt for bold hues like navies and blacks for something semi formal. Switch over to tan or light greys for really relaxed day off finishes

Choosing a softer cut jacket in a lightweight material such as cotton or linen are great for springtime tailoring. They look fab when fusing with chinos and coloured desert boots. It also ensures your fashion look gives off any overdressed finish.


How to style desert boots in spring 2021

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