UGG unveil carbon-neutral Plant Flower collection Ireland

UGG unveil carbon-neutral Plant Flower collection

UGG unveil carbon-neutral Plant Flower collection

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, American footwear brand UGG have just launched a genderless Plant Power Collection, constructed using carbon-neutral plant-based materials.

UGG who are renowned for their forward thinking in unisex footwear have unveiled this eco-friendly footwear collection which is part of their sustainability platform that they launched back in October 2020,

This new footwear collection from UGG includes 3 different styles of footwear that are constructed using carbon-neutral materials which addressees concerns around the use of carbon emissions which is a main factor of global warming that threatens the planet and our daily lives.

UGG were founded back in 1978 in Australia which today are owned by Californian based Deckers Brands, UGG have recreated both the iconic look and feel of their shoes with the introduction of their Fluff Sugar Platform and Fluff Sugar Sandal that features eye-catching design fused with platform outsoles made from culpable eco-friendly materials.

Using the clever use of recycled sugarcane, their SugarSole foam outsole reduced the dependency of using fossil fuels which replaces petroleum-based materials.

Sugarcane which is rainwater-dependent deletes CO2 from the atmosphere which doesn’t require irrigation. The fluff part of the shoes is constructed using plant-based TENCEL branded lyocell fibres, that are made using wood pulp that is converted into regenerated cellulosic fibres that are sourced from responsibly harvested trees.

According to UGG, the Neumel Natural also adapts the look and feel of their best-selling Neumel chukka, with handcrafted, small-batch soles that are made of LACTAE HEVEA latex which is harvested from the Hevea rubber tree.

The Neumel Natural’s upper is woven from an environmentally friendly blend of 45% hemp and 55& cotton.

President of UGG, Andrea O’Donnell commented that her company are totally committed to playing their part in combatting climate change.

She confirmed that the UGG design team took inspiration from their iconic styles to create new silhouettes made from carbon-neutral, plant-based materials. This has resulted in their Plant Power Collection which tells the story about what is possible.

Andrea and UGG see this as the next important exciting step in their journey towards a more sustainable future which includes UGG’s key pillars to protecting the planet. These are the Environment, Community and Innovation.


UGG unveil carbon-neutral Plant Flower collection

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