Ways to identify if your skin is purging or just breaking out Ireland

Ways to identify if your skin is purging or just breaking out

Ways to identify if your skin is purging or just breaking out

The term ‘skin purge’ may conjure up images of grime being extracted from pores and spots being squeezed. However, a skin purge is not nearly as gruesome as it sounds.

A skin purge refers to a reaction your skin has to certain ingredients in skincare products. These are namely retinols and acids. The good news is that a skin purge is temporary. But how do you know if your skin is purging or you are simply breaking out? Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out.

What Causes Skin To Purge?

Think of a purge like your skin cleaning out the pipes. It is said that skin renews itself every 28 days, but when we use acids or exfoliants, this can speed up the process. As a result, we get more acne and breakouts. Ingredients that cause cell turnover will bring congestion to the surface, which is known as purging.

But what about if you don’t want to deal with a purge? Well, bad news. Unfortunately, it is not something that is preventable. However, many dermatologists recommend slowly introducing a new product into your skincare routine. This will allow your skin more time to adjust.

Common Acne Types During A Purge

It may seem like your new product is causing your skin to look worse. However, what happens is that that acne was already forming under the surface and showed up sooner than expected. In other words, that pimple was already there but can sometimes take weeks to make its way to the surface. Skin purging just speeds up this process. This can lead to inflammatory acne and covers a wide range of acne types, from pimples, to cysts, to blackheads.

When excess oil and dead skin cells mix inside a pore, this can lead to bacteria call P. acnes. When your body detects these bacteria, it sends white blood cells to the area, leading to inflammation. This is what causes your spots to appear red, swollen and pus filled. A purge is not extracting bacteria but removing inflammation so that your skin can heal itself.

What’s The Different Between Purging vs Breakouts?

When you introduce a new product into your skincare routine, you need to know that not all reactions are a sign of a purge. Sometimes the product can just not suit your skin type at all. So, it’s important to know what to look out for.

Duration: the acne that occurs from a purge typically heals faster than regular breakouts. If you start a new product and your acne is around longer than 4-6 weeks, it may be a sign it is the wrong product.

Location: purges will tend to trigger breakouts in areas you normally see acne. So, if you are seeing acne in new areas, this can also be a sign of using the wrong product for your skin.

Active Ingredients: Skin purges will typically occur from ingredients that exfoliate your skin, such as AHAs or retinols. If your skin is breaking out from using hydrating oils or something that clogs pores, it may be a sign of a traditional breakout.

Ways to identify if your skin is purging or just breaking out

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