Ways to style your boilersuit for any occasion Ireland

Ways to style your boilersuit for any occasion

How to style your boilersuit no matter the occasion.

If you immediately think of plumbers when you think of a boilersuit, you are not alone. However, it is much more versatile than you’d think and has come a long way fashion-wise.

Your boilersuit is the image of effortless and cool. Gone are the days when you have to think about how to match your outfit. simply, slip into a boilersuit, dress it up with some accessories and you have got a killer look. And you can wear yours at any occasion. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how to style your boilersuit.


While the boilersuit has its origins in a different type of workwear, you can still wear this fashion piece to formal occasions of even a work event. However, it is best to steer clear of its utilitarian roots.

Instead, choose smarter fabrics like cotton and keep hardware like pockets to a minimum. Slip on some gold jewellery and a classic camel trench coat for a sophisticated look.


At the weekends, we want to be comfortable, cosy and spend as little time getting ready for the day as possible. This makes the boilersuit the ideal item for weekend attire.

It is also the perfect way for you to fully embrace streetwear with plenty of pockets. Opt to wear some white trainers and a technical belt bag to pull your look together. Also, be sure to undo a few top buttons to expose your white t-shirt underneath.


Fashion trends from the 70s are back in a big way. So, why not wear some with your boilersuit? Think animal prints, turtlenecks and luxurious fabrics like wool and corduroy.

The best thing about owning a boilersuit is that you can wear it all year long. And when the weather gets a little chilly, this is where layering can come in handy. Choose a black turtleneck to wear underneath your boilersuit. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also keep your shape more streamlined. Although, it will not help with the awkwardness of having to go to the toilet when you wear an all-in-one.

How to style your boilersuit no matter the occasion.

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