Quiksilver & Asics debut new sustainable fashion pieces

Quiksilver & Asics debut new sustainable fashion pieces

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, fashion and sports brands Quiksilver and Asics have both unveiled individual sports and fashion pieces being sustainably recycled using old clothing and plastics.

First up is Japanese sports brand Asics who have unveiled their new line running shoes that have been constructed using second-hand recycled clothing.

The Sunrise Reborn Pack from Asics includes 2 new shoes in red colour-ways that were manufactured using old pieces of discarded clothing from people in Japan.

According to Asics, they can now recycle, remake, and restyle old materials into new textile designs using their own innovative technology.

President of Asics, Yasuhito Hirota in a media statement to celebrate the launch of their Sunrise Reborn Pack commented that Asics are now fully committed to playing their part in building a circular economy that helps reduce CO2 emissions and keep global warming at less than 1.5oC.”

Asics were founded in Japan in 1977

Hirota said “Through sustainable products like Sunrise Reborn Pack, we want to let people all over the world enjoy the mental and physical benefits of sport while preserving the planet for future generations to do the same.”

This new Sunrise Reborn Pack from Asics is part of a limited edition with the company now committed to reducing their own carbon footprint globally.

The Japanese sports and fashion house have set a target that by the year 2030, they hope to reduce their CO2 emissions by 55% along with increasing the use of renewable energy sources to at least 60%. The company hopes that by the year 2050 they will be operating on net-zero CO2 emissions. You can see full details of their new Sunrise Reborn Pack over at asics.com.

Quiksilver launch new sustainable fleece collection.

In other sustainable fashion news American fashion brand Quiksilver have unveiled their latest fleece collection that is constructed using plastic bottles and recycled polyester material.

This new fashion release from Quiksilver is all part of their Made Better environmental commitments to creating products that make as little impact as possible on the planet.

Their new polar fleece is constructed using plastic bottles and recycled polyester that are available in a selection of bright block colours which also features bold tropical prints.

The US based fashion house continue to concentrate on the inclusion of recycled plastic bottles in their products which according to the company have saved over 250 million bottles from reaching dangerous landfills across the states.

Quiksilver will follow this new release with more environmental clothing with the launch of their organic cotton fleece collection that are manufactured using natural mineral dyes for colour that will be available in different shades including grey, navy, blue and green. You can check out the fill collection at their website Quiksilver.ie.

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