How to style your Jumpsuit this Spring 2021 Ireland

How to style your Jumpsuit this Spring 2021

How to style your Jumpsuit this Spring 2021

There is something about a nice jumpsuit that makes it a great fashion choice for Spring. With the temperatures not yet at the level of summer, insulation to the legs is always worth considering. Some fashion critics call it the lazy gals fashion choice as it combines your top and bottom wear all into one.

However, there is nothing lazy when it comes to styling a jump suit. Yes it is trousers and a top fused into one, but they are fab fashion.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at three ways to style your jumpsuit this spring. From casual, to sporty to dress me up, here’s a few ideas to prepare you for that great springtime jumpsuit look 2021.

The casual jumpsuit look

This look is perfect during any lockdown as it’s simply casual and needs little effort in putting it together. However, this doesn’t mean you let your fashion guard down completely.

You want it to have some co-ordination to it’s finish. Strapless jumpsuits are always a good choice for any great day-off look. While they have comfort written all over them, they do look classy.

Another great thing about casual jumpsuit look is choice of colour. Darker shades of reds, navy even brownish are great. You are at home so you want it to cover traces of dirt or spills to the suit.

To finish you can add low rise heels or sneakers with a neutral cardigan to nail this super casual finish.

The casual sporty jumpsuit look

This look is perfect for any active gals who love to mix style and sport together all in one look. Casual jumpsuits have become the “in thing” during COVID-19 lockdown.

Its combination of Posh Spice meets Sporty Spice (remember the Spice Girls) It’s also a great chance to add detailing into your sporty jumpsuit casual look. Bold single stripes can elongate the legs.

Bright hues of reds, whites and even pastel shades look fab for springtime. Not to be confused with athleisurewear, your look needs to be somewhat polished.

Try adding a high waist cardigan in neutral shades to give your finish an edge. Add plain white sneakers (well it is a sporty look) to complete.

Blue Denim Jumpsuit from Missguided Ireland

Blue Denim Jumpsuit from Missguided

Dress me up jumpsuit look for spring

OK we have seen what casual and sporty jumpsuits can do and now let’s move your jumpsuit look up a notch. It’s springtime fashion ladies and for true fashionistas style is everything.

There is something really classy about a stylish and smart Ladies jumpsuit when springtime hits. Pastel shades represent the dawn of spring and reflect this in your choice of jumpsuit colour.

Pastel shades, lavender, olive, teal look super stunning. Yes navy, blacks and reds are also great choices, but they can be worn all year round. The dress me up jumpsuit allows you to get creative when accessorising.

A glitzy clutch bag and heels even belt that co-ordinates with the rest of your assemble can nail that chic fashion finish. Opt for neutral blazers even biker style faux leather jackets.

Final thought

Jumpsuits should never be confused with athleisurewear or the tracksuit look. They represent style at all times. When choosing material for your jumpsuit, make sure it’s comfy but not too thin. Avoid any look that will show off your bra strap or present any possible VPL.

For strapless jumpsuits make sure your bra is adequately equipped to hold your assets in place. Always check out to see if your jumpsuit is machine washable. This saves any added high maintenance costs.


How to style your Jumpsuit this Spring 2021

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