Quick fashion guide to styling Men’s meggings Ireland

Quick fashion guide to styling Men’s meggings

Quick fashion guide to styling Men’s meggings

For lots of fella’s out there, meggings or leggings or a thing for the gym of when working out right? For others it might be the case they are ok for basic casual fashion dress around the home.

Well, have we got news for you. Thanks to new innovative designs and colours, meggings can be worn as a daily casual piece of fashion that today is socially accepted and seen more than just sportswear.

However, their tight fit can leave little to the imagination when showing off certain body parts (you know what I mean) It’s all about how you style any type of meggings that really counts.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we are going to show you a few styling tricks when it comes to wearing meggings. They can be pair with other fashion staples and accessories to rock any guys casual fashion look.

Keep reading to see how leggings can not only provide comfort, but also a great relaxed fashion finish.

Nike Swift Men's Running Meggings Ireland

Nike Swift Men’s Running Meggings

Rocking the meggings look in style

As I said earlier, meggings are no longer just seen as sportswear. More and more male celebrities can be seen wearing them making them socially acceptable away from the gym.

Not only are they super comfy that follow the contour of your thighs and calves, but can rock you booty look too!

Key things to remember when choosing any type of meggings is the fit and choice of choice of colour. Meggings should always present a fitted look to the legs and bottom.

Anything baggy looks cheap and naff. Colour tones and patterns come next. Any design goes in the gym, but outside is a totally different matter. If you are wearing them as a fashion choice, then they have to fit in with the rest of your assemble.

Experiment with layering

Meggings and laying are an intricate part of pulling off any decent fashion finish. Whether you decide to make a fashion statement or just low-key casual, layering can be your best friend.

For any smart casual appearance, opt for dark meggings. These pair great with a neutral polo shirt and loose fit jacket and loafers. For something more with an edge dark meggings with patterning look great. Add your oversized jacket and shades and it’s an image you own.

Think accessories

The one great thing we like about meggings is there are so many different ways to accessorise your fashion look. However, this all depends on the occasion so think first.

A trendy flat or trilby cap looks cool when paired with a white tee and black leggings. Add your fitted jacket and you have that cool celeb look like Mr Beckham himself.

Scarves and caps are look cool for something low key and super casual. Neutral tees or an oversized shirt fused with dark meggings is cool.

Add shades and your belted man bag and schoolboy sneakers to complete the look. For fans of bling, a single neck chain can “rap” up your fashion finish.

Styling tips to remember
  • You can easily mix meggings with items from your weekend wardrobe look
  • Don’t be scared to experiment with smarter fashion finishes like introducing a coat or men’s cardigan to your meggings finish.
  • Ensure your choice or sneakers are worthy of the look you are trying present. Clean and polished trainers only
  • Create your own meggings fashion finish when accessorising. Be creative and make that look your own.
  • Always consider the fit, baggy finishes are not acceptable.

Quick fashion guide to styling Men’s meggings


Main image courtesy of Mathias Lövström from Unsplash

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