Beauty tips to help you stop picking at your skin Ireland

Beauty tips to help you stop picking at your skin

Beauty tips to help you stop picking at your skin

We have all picked at our skin one time or another. We live in a society that is obsessed with having clear and perfect skin all the time. so, what happens when we see a spot cropping up? We pick it.

Some feel great satisfaction when they pop a spot. Others pick their skin in times of concentration. For others, it is a form of anxiety or stress. Whatever your reason, it’s time to give your skin a break and stop picking at it for good. See ways here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to help you on your way!


Instead of using your skin picking as a coping mechanism for anxiety, try journaling. You can do it first thing in the morning or night, and it is a great way to get feelings of frustration and fear out of your head.

If you do not want to spend too much time writing, you can get a bullet journal. This is a style of note-taking that is based on productivity. It can help clear your head and stimulate creativity.

Hide Your Mirror

Many of us look in a mirror at least once a day. Whether it’s getting ready in the morning or doing our night-time routine, we use mirrors all the time. while they may be great for doing brow maintenance or our makeup, mirrors can reinforce picking by putting ‘flaws’ on display.

To combat this, try to avoid spending too much time looking in a mirror. Especially after you have a shower when your skin is more sensitive.

See A Dermatologist

Picking at your skin can often lead to more acne and delay the healing process. This, in time, can make new spots look worse and result in new ones forming due to constant irritation.

Try enlisting the help of a professional who can aid in healing your skin and design a skincare routine that works for you.

Consider Therapy

When it comes to mental health, picking at your skin can be a sign of stress and anxiety. Not only does this need to be treated for the sake of your skin, but this can also cause a decline in people’s wellbeing.

If your picking is leading to scarring or interfering with your life, consider seeking the help of a therapist. While you may feel silly or embarrassed for going to therapy over skin picking, don’t be. Your therapist is there to help you and you should never feel guilty about seeking help.

Keep Nails Short

What’s the key to not agitating your skin even more? Keep those nails short. Try filing them once a week to avoid using them for picking. This tip can be helpful for mild cases of skin picking or for occasional pickers. Also, having short nails will reduce the risk of infections that can cause skin flares.

Keep Hands Occupied

Whether it’s something simple like carrying a stress ball everywhere or getting in the kitchen and baking up a storm, keeping your hands busy can help you break your skin picking habit. And remember, if you make it a habit to be aware of where your hands are all the time, it will be easier to stop you picking at your skin.


Many people pick their skin due to feeling stressed or anxious. If this is the case, meditation can be a valuable tool you can use to combat these feelings. It can help you recognise anxious thoughts and feelings and connect your body and mind. Nowadays, there are loads of meditation apps available for you to destress.

Beauty tips to help you stop picking at your skin

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