L’Oréal set new green targets for all their products Ireland

L’Oréal set new green targets for all their products

L’Oréal set new green targets for all their products

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, L’Oréal have announced plans that they are working towards more environmentally friendly products as they commit to a green science approach in research and innovation of their products.

The French beauty organisation which was founded in France back in 1909 are today the world’s biggest cosmetic and beauty company who make and supply makeup, perfume, skincare and hair products.

In an announcement yesterday (4th March 2021) L’Oréal have pledged that by the year 2030, 95% of the ingredients that goes into producing their products will come from renewable plant sources, minerals or circular processes. They also have confirmed that all of the formulas used are designed to respect marine environments.

These new measures taken by L’Oréal allow for the replacement of petroleum-based ingredients to be replaced by more renewable alternatives that are greener, safer and beneficial to the environment.

Back in 2013, L’Oréal unveiled their own global sustainability program “Sharing Beauty with All” that set 2020 targets to allow for the use of more sustainably sourced and manufactured ingredients as part of their production.

Nicolas Hieronimus who is L’Oréal CEO, responsible for divisions with L’Oréal commented in a media statement that his organisation is entering into a new chapter now using green science as part of their research and innovation.

L’Oréal will commit to using green sciences to source and use ingredients using latest technology to use more natural raw materials.

Sustainable Innovation Director at L’Oréal, Laurent Gilbert said “We need to consider innovative and sustainable agricultural practices at the very beginning of the production process to produce the basic ingredients,”

Back in 2020, 80% of L’Oréal’s raw materials was biodegradable with 34% being part or all of natural origin.

Two years ago, L’Oréal unveiled a new online platform “Inside Our Products” which was designed to allow consumers to question the different types of ingredients it uses in the production of its products.

Plans are already in place by L’Oréal to promote this information out across all of their brands which will tie in with social media campaigns to act as a support to get their important messages out to their users.


L’Oréal set new green targets for all their products

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