How to apply all day liquid lipstick Ireland

How to apply all day liquid lipstick

How to apply all day liquid lipstick

There is nothing like a great lipstick. When we are feeling low, a bold red lip can give us a confidence boost. And over the years, liquid lipsticks have become more popular than traditional ones.

And we can see why. They usually deliver more potent colour and don’t budge throughout the day. But when it comes to getting the perfect pout, there are certain steps you need to take first. To find out how to apply your liquid lipstick so that it stays put all day, keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland and we will show you.


The key to applying lipstick perfectly is starting with moisturise lips. much like you wouldn’t jump straight into your makeup routine without prepping your skin first, the same applies to your lips. Try to get into the habit of applying lip balm before you start your foundation. This way, when it comes to the lips, they will be moisturised and ready for lipstick.

Take Away Excess Moisture

Before you get straight into applying your lipstick or liner, you should blot away any excess moisture from your lip balm. If you are using a very matte formula, you can leave a little moisture so that it is more comfortable throughout the day.

Line Your Lips

Remembering to use a sharp lip pencil, draw at X at your cupid’s bow. It is probably the most prominent part of a person’s mouth and it’s important that you define it correctly. Then, focus on your bottom lip. If you are unsure of where the outline of your lips are, you can smile to highlight them. using a lip pencil first can help the longevity of your lipstick.

Buff The Edges

To prevent your lip liner from looking drawn on, go over it with a brush and buff out the edges. This will help to get rid of any harsh lines when you do go in and apply your lipstick.

Apply Your Lipstick

Even though you applied your lip pencil on the edges of your lips, you aren’t going to do that with your actual lipstick. Start close to where your lips open as it is easier to tweak towards the edges than it is to try and pull lipstick back. This way, you have more control over where the colour is going.

Clean Up Any Mistakes

Did you accidentally smudge your lipstick onto your chin? Don’t worry, it happens. You can always use your concealer and a small brush to clean up any mistakes. This is a makeup tip that all makeup artist used all the time.

How to apply all day liquid lipstick

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