Iconic outfit ideas to steal from Hailey Bieber 2021

Iconic outfit ideas to steal from Hailey Bieber

Iconic outfit ideas to steal from Hailey Bieber

Whether you love or hate her, there is no denying that Hailey Bieber has incredible style. Over and over again, she has cropped up on our socials looking chic and inspiring us with her style choices.

now, although we may not be models with a team of stylists to help us look fabulous, that doesn’t mean we cannot replicate some of her iconic outfits. If you are looking for style inspiration, look no further. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our picks of iconic outfits to steal from Hailey Bieber.

Upgrade Your Matching Set

Is there any thing better than a matching set? Not only is it versatile, but it saves you time trying to figure out what to wear in the mornings. And no one does a matching set like Hailey Bieber. If you have scrolled through the fashion posts of social media lately, you will no that everyone is rocking their matching sets with crop tops and Mrs Bieber is no exception.

She has been known to pair her cream knitted midi skirt with a nude crop top and matching cardigan. Combine with a pair of knee-high boots in a similar colour and keep your accessories and jewellery simple.

The Trench

We probably didn’t think at some point during 2021 we would want for a pair of trousers called ‘khaki’. However, Hailey makes them look that good, we have to have them. Grab your khaki trousers, slip on a white crop top and a brown leather trench coat. Voila, you’ve got yourself a chic look worthy of Hailey Bieber. Finish the look with some white trainers to match your top and a yellow bag for a pop of colour.

The Perfect Cardigan

By now, we probably all have some sort of cardigan to keep us cosy while we stay at home. However, if you are looking for a new way to style it, look no further than Hailey. Simply grab a cream cardi, tuck it into your high-waisted jeans and style with a Western black belt. Then, top your look off with heeled sandals and woven bag. And who could forget a pair of sunglasses.

Elevated Loungewear

If you are stumped on ideas of how to style your sweats? We’ve got you covered. All you need is an oversized wool coat, chunky trainers and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. We guarantee if you wear this look, you will feel like a celebrity who doesn’t want to be spotted by the paparazzi.

Classic Casual

While it may not be your first instinct to rock your baggy jeans with a pair of knee-high boots, Hailey is giving us every reason to try it out. Simply top off your look with a basic black tee and black biker jacket. The whole look screams, ‘I just threw this together’.

Iconic outfit ideas to steal from Hailey Bieber

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