Allbirds unveil first ever natural plant-based leather alternative Ireland

Allbirds unveil first ever natural plant-based leather alternative

Allbirds unveil first ever natural plant-based leather alternative

In Sustainable fashion news, US based fashion house Allbirds have unveiled the very first natural plant-based leather that is set to revolutionise the way we manufacturer leather type goods in the future.

This amazing breakdown from the San Francisco based fashion and footwear company sees the introduction of the world’s first 100% natural plant-based leather alternative which is made using vegetable oil, natural rubber and other bio-ingredients that are fully biodegradable and 100% natural.

This will be music to the ears of animal right activists who are constantly battling with fashion houses to stop the use of natural leather from animals in their design pieces.

Allbirds was co-founded by New Zealander Tim Brown back in 2016 when he teamed up with biotech engineer Joey Zwillinger to launch what is quickly become one of the most innovative and most advanced footwear companies in the world today.

Last year in 2020, they signed a partnership with German sportswear company Adidas. This new leather alternative is the result of a €1.5 million investment in material innovation by American firm Natural Fiber Welding Inc. and its Mirum technology.

This new development by is expected to have a significant impact to both the fashion industry and planet with its wide-ranging benefits. The fact that it is a great alternative to plastic base or natural leather makes it more eco-friendly and better for the animals and planet.

It’s expected that Allbirds will include their new material as part of the manufactured designs this coming December 2021. Allbirds will demonstrate that by adding eco-friendly material as part of their design and manufacture process can have major benefits for green tech companies

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Allbirds, Joey Zwillinger believes that for too many years now, fashion houses have been too dependent on dirty synthetics and unsustainable leather which have sacrificed speed and cost over the environment.

The San Francisco based company is currently investing millions of dollars in other clever, eco-friendly material that can be used in the construction of clothing and footwear in the not too distance future.


Allbirds unveil first ever natural plant-based leather alternative

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