Ways to inject some fun into a basic wardrobe Ireland

Ways to inject some fun into a basic wardrobe

Ways to inject some fun into a basic wardrobe

In their bid to shake off the year that was 2020, fashion runways are full of colour and free-flowing shapes. The fashion industry is moving towards a brighter approach and designers are reflecting their desire for a more fun sartorial future.

But how do we inject some fun into our own wardrobe? Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out.

Add Some Colour

It’s been proven that colour can impact your mood so why not add some to your wardrobe. This year, tonal hues are having their moment. However, if they aren’t your thing, pick your favourite colour and try to bring it into your wardrobe.

You can start small using your accessories or go big with a colourful dress or top. Colour can be a great way to show off your personality and have fun with clothes. If you feel your outfit is too much, you can tone down the colour by using black.

Play With Prints

Nothing says ‘fun’ more than prints. It is the perfect way to shake off your all-black wardrobe and embrace this season’s bright colours and bold patterns. If you need some style inspiration on how to wear prints, look to designers like Gucci or Isabel Marant.

However, if you are new to prints and feeling a bit weary, start small. You don’t need to dive into a trend by wearing prints head-to-toe. Instead, you can opt to wear a patterned dress or a simple print on a top. Then, you can tone things down using neutral accessories or clothes like trousers.

Dress It Up

We understand that things are looking a little dire on the old social front. However, who says you cannot dress up while staying home? This season, anything goes.

So, why not rock a midi dress or bold statement one? There are so many different dresses to choose from nowadays. Depending on your style, you can go for bright colours or softer shades.

A dress is the ideal option for getting you out of a style rut with your jeans and t-shirt. And if you are looking for sustainable options, look for second-hand or vintage dresses. Places like Tola Vintage is a great place to shop pre-loved pieces.

Ways to inject some fun into a basic wardrobe

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