Black Lives Matter fashion designers make history

Black Lives Matter fashion designers make history

Black Lives Matter fashion designers make history

In Irish fashion news, BLM (Black Lives Matter) have made history in Italy with 5 of their designers chosen to open up women’s Fall/Winter fashion shows in Milan this week.

After a years-long battle to improve diversity on the Italian catwalks, a group of five black designers made their on-schedule debut Wednesday by opening the women’s Fall/Winter fashion shows.

Michelle Ngonmo who is seen as the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in Italian Fashion spent years trying to bring black designers to the forefront of fashion in Italy which this week managing to make history after a hard struggle.

This year’s Milan fashion show was pre-recorded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle who co-founded the BLM collective back in 2020 with fellow designers Stella Jean and Edward Buchanan who incidentally are the only black member of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion dating back to 2016.

For the Black Lives Matters group this year’s Milan Fashion Week is certainly a dream come true with their fashion designers being represented on runway who originate from different African countries.

Milan Fashion Week is a clothing trade show boasting the best of Italian fashion. It is held twice a year with pieces from the AW collection promoted during their February show and later in the year normally around September/October they celebrate their Spring/Summer wear.

The Milan Fashion Week is one of the biggest displays of fashion along with London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion week and in recent years Arab Fashion Week

This year’s black designers to appear in the Milan Fashion Show included Fabiola Manirakiza, Joy Meribe, Claudia Gisele Ntsama, Mokudu Fall and Karim Daoudi.

The group now hope that their presence at such at major fashion event like the Milan Fashion Week will encourage other black designers and event organisers of all the other international fashion weeks to unite in their fight against racism and equality within the black fashion community.


Black Lives Matter fashion designers make history

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