Easy ways to disguise visible panty lines Ireland

Easy ways to disguise visible panty lines

Easy ways to disguise visible panty lines

When it comes to VPL’s or Visible Panty Lines, they can demolish any great fashion finish no matter how expensive your outfit costs.

VPL’s are a big No No at any time and should be avoided at all costs. This applies to all type of clothing as it can make your fashion finish look tacky.

With fitness and athleisurewear a key fashion favourite right now, tight leggings are prone to show VPL’s given their tightness to the skin.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we are going to show you some simple tricks on how to avoid those dreaded visible panty lines. There are so many ways to do this without having to go commando.

Here are some ways to eliminate any VPL look from your day or night fashion choice of clothing.

Opt for thicker fabrics in your choice of clothing

OK, silky and thin layer material especially in dress wear can look fab but they have a tendency to reveal the outline of your undies underneath.

Because the likes of silk is clingy, VPL’s will show through which can compromise the perfect look of your dress. The simple solution here is to opt for heavier grades of silk or cottons that are flimsy.

Opt for materials that can mask any lines of undies below. Failing this, try thin line G-strings. OK they are not as comfortable as traditional undies but can provide some cover without having to go commando.

Stick on Thong from Boux Avenue Ireland

Stick on Thong from Boux Avenue

Camouflage with prints

This is especially important when wearing leggings. Bold print designs can cloak any possible VPL’s when wearing skin-tight leggings. Darker shades can also mask knicker lines. The likes of body shorts or a comfy pair of tangy briefs are also a comfortable and perfect choice.

Think tights for colder weather

OK, you are not going to don a pair of tights in warm summer weather as they are best reserved for winter months. They can straighten out any VPL’s in an instant given they are a smooth layer of material that covers your panty material.

For summer undies where your clothing material is light, opt for thin line G-strings.

Revert to the traditional slip

Yes we know the slip is very retro but believe it or not it does work in covering VPL’s. Thankfully today there are so many wonderful choices in slip material design that there is one to suit you.

They are very comfy and opt for nude or neutral shades that can fuse with various shade dresses.

The stick-on thong

In recent years they have become a firm favourite with celebrities walking to red carpet without their knicker lines being on show.

They are ideal for thin material dresses like silk and you can raise your side slit line of the dress as high as you wish without any embarrassing undy flashes.

Most stick-on thongs today are reusable and can be popped in the washing machine. One important tip though, use a quality one that sticks properly so it doesn’t slip off causing any red face moments.

Boy shorts can be your best friend

Yep these are a real fashion pleaser for any gal wanting to avoid those unwanted VPL’s. The beauty about their design is that they curve around the bum checks opposed to cutting right across. They also can add shape to your rear making it look more compact.

Good quality shapewear

This more so applies to the mature lady as not only does shapewear keep everything in place but masks over any possible VPL on display. The key thing to choosing any type of shapewear is comfort.

It must feel comfy on and anything too tight just won’t feel right. You should always get professionally fitted for any type of comfortable shapewear items.

Last choice is to go commando

If the material of your fashion garment is so thin that any type of material may show through, then some of you may opt to go commando. However, this can cause problems of its own problems.

Sunlight and artificial lighting can easily penetrate flimsy material and cause those unwanted and embarrassing moments revealing your lady parts underneath. Best avoid this option unless you are a real attention seeker.


Easy ways to disguise visible panty lines

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