Ways to style an oversized jumper with your skirt Ireland

Ways to style an oversized jumper with your skirt

Ways to style an oversized jumper with your skirt

Some people are afraid of wearing oversized anything as they feel they will look a total mess. Which is not the case.

While the oversized trend can seem tricky to wear, it can look great on everyone when styled right. And one pairing you might not have thought of is your oversized jumper with your skirt. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our helpful tips.

Leather Skirts

Faux leather is here to stay. Which means you will probably invest in a leather skirt at some point. But luckily, they are easy to style. And work great with your knitwear. As black matches everything, all you need to do is pick your oversized jumper in your favourite colour and you’re done.

Pleated Skirt

This one can be a little tricky. You still want to maintain some shape while wearing an oversized sweater. Why not pair a grey knit with a pink pleated skirt and baby pink velvet shoes? This way you have a chic outside worthy to be on any fashion blog.

Silk Skirts

Pairing a silk skirt with an oversized jumper can work better than you think. The skirt can add a touch of chic to your outfit, while your jumper can keep you nice and cosy on chilly days.

A navy silk skirt is a must have in anyone’s wardrobe and so is a cream oversized sweater. To give things a modern twist, finish your look off with some white trainers. You can keep jewellery to a minimum to let your skirt by the star of the show.

Pencil Skirts

Need an excused to liberate that pencil skirt that is at the back of your wardrobe? Well, now you have one. Take it out and combine it with your favourite oversized jumper and pair of trainers. To show off your shape, tuck your jumper into your tank top instead of your skirt as it will be too bulky. This will highlight your waist. Simply finish your outfit with some black or brown boots and you are good to go.


Who doesn’t love a monochrome outfit? And it is so simple to create with a skirt and jumper. Simply pair a cream skirt with a cream sweater and you’re all set. The beauty of this outfit is that you can have fun with accessories. You can use them too some colour to your look if monochrome is too bland for you.

Ways to style an oversized jumper with your skirt

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