Unique ways to transform your look using jewellery Ireland

Unique ways to transform your look using jewellery

Unique ways to transform your look using jewellery

It has been around for generations and can help completely transform any outfit.

We are talking about jewellery. Even the most basic and boring of clothes can be given a boost from a gold chain or pair of silver hoops. These simple outfit additions can take you from casual to chic in a matter of minutes.

If you feel your outfit is missing something, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how jewellery can transform your look.

Going For Gold

If you are looking for an outfit that is the epitome of class and sophistication, go with all black. Unfortunately, an all-black outfit can look a little…boring. Or look like a uniform and not stylish. Sometimes, you need to level up your outfit. And what better way to do that than with gold.

To help you avoid looking basic, throw on some gold jewellery. A chain or necklace can help add to the sophistication of your black clothing. Not to mention, a pair of gold earrings can help complete your look.

Silver Hoops

If you are feeling low, put in your silver hoops and remember what a confident queen you are. Silver hoops are one of the easiest ways to jazz up your look and add some bling. You can wear them with your hair down for a casual, everyday look. Or show them off with a simple updo.

As silver works well with every colour, you do not need to worry about your hoops clashing with your outfit. Not to mention, it is easy to find other jewellery to go with it.

Add A Brooch

Is there any piece of jewellery more sophisticated than the brooch? And, despite what you think, it is not just for the Royal Family or your grandmother.

While brooches are often worn on the left side of a blazer or coat, you do not need to follow this rule. Feel free to play around by wearing one on your hat, bag or collar of your turtleneck. Additionally, you can also wear one to pin your cardigan and hold it in place.

Work With Layers

If you don’t love the idea of layering your clothes, how about your jewellery? Choose a few chains of various lengths and put them around your neck. To truly rock this trend, make sure your chains are not too far apart. You don’t want a big gap on your chest. Additionally, to avoid looking messy, try to keep to the same style.

Unique ways to transform your look using jewellery

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