Fashion mistakes petite people need to avoid Ireland 2021

Fashion mistakes petite people need to avoid

Fashion mistakes petite people need to avoid

As a person who is on the small side, you may be used to complements of how you look younger than your age. On the other side of that coin, though? You need to be careful of what you wear as you can easily be swamped by clothing.

But with so many fashion rules, how do you know what mistakes to avoid and what will make you look good? Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for the top fashion mistakes that every petite person makes and what you should do instead.

Copy Celeb Style Exactly

Are your socials filled with cute outfits from your favourite bloggers or celebs? Do you scrutinise award shows for style inspo from your favourite celebs? Most answer yes to those questions. Which means that they probably are heavily influenced by the trend-setters in what to wear. However, simply copying trends doesn’t mean that they work with your body shape.

Although some celebs and bloggers are under 5’3”, they are often working with the best photographers and in fantastic lighting. Not to mention, they tailor trends to fit their body. A petite body can get lost underneath volumes of fabric so a better choice would be choosing a simple silhouette.

Wearing Baggy Jeans

Continuing on from the previous tip, baggy jeans may not work for petite women. And while there is buzz around boyfriend jeans and relaxed fits, they can look unflattering if you are on the petite side.

But this doesn’t mean you have to stick exclusively to skinny jeans or trousers. It’s important for petites to wear well-fitted bottoms as they elongate the legs and make you look taller. If you want to get away from skinny styles, go for something like a bootcut jean. They are universally flattering on everybody and not as tight as skinny or straight jeans. Which means they are much more forgiving. Flared jeans are another flattering style for petites. The flare gives your legs length as they do not stop at your ankles like skinny jeans.

Wear Bulky Heels

For added height, many petites take to wearing heels. And many choose to wear platform shoes to try and add a few inches. However, a general rule of thumb is that your shoes should balance out your body shape.

If you are petite, stay away from bulky shoes as they can make you look shorter than you are. As well as bulky shoes, try and steer clear of platforms. They can add too much bulkiness to your feet and draw people’s attention downwards.

Long Skirts

Many petites are advised to stay away from long skirts and go for shorter styles. While shorter skirts are flattering, you can still rock longer designs. If you know how to style it right.

One popular way to wear maxi skirts is with knee high boots. Particularly when the weather is cold outside. Just remember to keep your skirt and boots in a similar tone. This way, you elongate your legs and look taller.

Maxi Dresses

In a similar way to your maxi skirt, petite people can wear maxi dresses. It is important that you choose a maxi dress that is one continuous colour. Again, this will elongate your frame. And do be careful when it comes to prints. Anything too big can overwhelm your small frame.

Fashion mistakes petite people need to avoid

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