Tips to help you colour match your shoes to your outfit 2021

Tips to help you colour match your shoes to your outfit

Tips to help you colour match your shoes to your outfit

A man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up. Which means you better get them right.

Footwear, like men’s clothing, has become less rigid in recent years. You can wear formal shoes with casual clothing and vice versa. But the key to pulling this off is colour matching. Get it wrong and you will never get the outfit to look good.

If you need tips on how to colour co-ordinate your outfit with your shoes for the perfect fashion look, keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland to find out.

Black Shoes

A pair of black Oxfords are probably the smartest shoe you can have in your wardrobe. But this limits what other clothes you can pair with them. Think of your black shoes like a black blazer. You can dress them up but wearing them with jeans will have you look like a street magician.

Black shoes typically work best with a black suit. For formal offices, they also work well with grey or charcoal tailoring. And, despite what people say, you can wear black with navy, though try to stick with something like a navy.

Casual styles are tricky. If you want to wear black shoes with chinos, stick to more relaxed styles. Your Derby shoes will look better than Oxfords as they are chunkier and are less formal. If you insist on wearing black shoes with dark denim, go for boots like Dr. Martens.

Brown Shoes

When it comes to smart shoes, brown is the most forgiving. The variety of brown tones available means there are shades for every occasion. The lighter shade, the more relaxed your look should be.

Aside from formalwear, brown shoes should be your go-to choice for chinos of any colour. Although be careful not to match too closely. Like wearing double denim, you should two shades of difference between trousers and shoes. Otherwise, you look like you are wearing the bottom half of a onesie.

Oxblood Shoes

While it may technically be a colour, your oxblood shoes can be seen as a neutral. They work almost in the exact way as brown. And they make the perfect shade for someone who wants to add some personality to their outfit.

The best way to wear them is to dress them down. Derbies work better than your Oxfords. Although they may not work with your formal suits, they do look great with everything else, from navy tailoring to chinos. That being said, if you do live in suits, go for Oxfords.

Casual styles offer more versatility. A loafer is a classic shoe and works best with your summer wardrobe. For a full-on Riviera feel, ditch the socks and cuff your hem.

Tan Shoes

Brown’s most casual tone, tan works best with relaxed styles like brogues or boots. While tan suede shoes look great, you need to wear them with informal outfits. But tan shoes can be a great way to personalise smarter styles. It pairs well with particular shades of blue and takes the stuffiness out of pinstripes.

White Trainers

No longer just a casual shoe, white trainers can be worn with just about everything. In the right context, of course. Which means you probably shouldn’t wear them with a suit for an important job interview.

Speaking of suits, they work with one of any colour, even black. Although, you are best to swap out your shirt for something like a roll neck sweater. And we don’t need to tell you how great they look with your basic jeans and t-shirt. Whatever trousers you have, white trainers will work.

The only problem is keeping them that way. Fresh, white trainers work with your suit. Your battered pair you’ve had since you were a teenager do not. To keep them looking pristine, have some baby wipes handy for touch ups throughout the day.

Tips to help you colour match your shoes to your outfit

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