Fashion items to eject from your 2021 wardrobe Ireland

Fashion items to eject from your 2021 wardrobe

Fashion items to eject from your 2021 wardrobe

There are many people out there who have overfilled wardrobes with pieces they have not worn in 5 years. Although we are well into the new year, it is never too late to clean out your wardrobe.

Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our picks of the fashion items you do not need in your 2021 wardrobe.

Same Shirt In Different Colours

How many of us have found something that fit us and bought the same item in different colours? You do not need these types of options, as they often leave you with an overfilled wardrobe. Line up your duplicate items and choose the one you wear the most often.

Clothes That Do Not Fit

It is very easy to hold onto clothing we think we will fit into again. Especially if there are expensive. But you are building a wardrobe to wear now, so unless you magically change back into your thirteen-year-old self, let go of your old clothes.

We understand it is hard to let go on your beloved clothing. But you need to be realistic and remember to build up a quality wardrobe. And, if you really cannot let go, think about getting your clothes tailored.

Bras That Are Barely Hanging On

We are not talking about that delicate lace bra you bought for special occasions. Instead, we mean that old stretched-out t-shirt bra that is barely holding it together.

When you finally find a comfortable bra, it can be hard to let it go. But you are not going yourself or your breasts any favours by wearing an old and worn out bra.

A good rule to follow is to go through your underwear drawer once a year and chuck anything that needs to go. Then, you can treat yourself to a proper fitting and new bras.

That Outfit You Haven’t Worn In Ages

We have all bought outfits for special occasions, worn them once and then banished them to the back of our wardrobes. Or maybe we have purchased a cute jacket or dress we said we would wear, but never got around to? And now they are gathering dust from lack of attention.

We all have gone through style changes. But when it is clear you will never wear certain pieces of clothing, it’s time to let go. Even though you should hold onto versatile pieces, if you try on forgotten items and cannot imagine wearing them, get rid.

Random Clothes And Accessories

As time goes on, we build up a wardrobe full of t-shirts, hats or bags we have worn at festivals or covered in logos. We both know that you typically stick to wearing the same shirt over and over again.

As you go through your wardrobe, ask yourself when the last time was you wore that piece of clothing. Do you need to hold onto it. Yes, it could be a pleasant reminder of good times, but ultimately, it’s time to get rid. By doing so, you free up wardrobe space for pieces you will actually wear.

Fashion items to eject from your 2021 wardrobe

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