Beauty tips that will help you elevate your makeup routine Ireland 2021

Beauty tips that will help you elevate your makeup routine

Beauty tips that will help you elevate your makeup routine

We have all had makeup mishaps. Whether it’s concealer that is creasing, or foundation that looks cakey and heavy. We all have makeup moments we would rather just forget.

But how do you take your makeup routine from mediocre to the next level? Keep on reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out with our recommended beauty tips.

Love Your Skin

We all worry about our makeup looking cakey. And this is a reasonable concern. But good makeup starts with your skin. If you find your makeup is thick or heavy, take a look at your skincare routine.

Whether it is a two-step or ten-step routine, it’s important to listen to what your skin is telling you. A simple skincare routine will always elevate your makeup routine. Cleanse away dirt and bacteria, wear SPF everyday and hydrate by drinking your water. When you find what works for you, stick with it.

Primer Can Work

Primer is that one makeup product you either love or hate. But with so many on the market nowadays, there is surely one out there for everyone’s skin concerns. If you are worried about oily skin, look for a primer that will mattify your complexion. Or if your skin has been looking dull lately – we’ve all been there – try looking for a brightening primer.

Choose Concealer Wisely

Under-eye darkness can go from mild to severe with blue or purple undertones. If you want a bright under eye area, look for a concealer that is one shade lighter than your normal one with peach or orange tones. This will help to neutralise your dark circles. Use a small amount and blend it in using your fingers or a makeup sponge. using too much, especially near your lash line, can cause creasing.

As Well As Highlight And Contour

Although contour and highlight are not necessary steps in your makeup routine, they do elevate your look. To contour your cheeks, feel where your cheekbones are with your fingers. Then, place your contour on that area in a straight line starting at your ears. The aim is to create a linear shadow so try to go in a straight line.

If you have a large forehead, you can use more contour and less highlight. To make your nose look slimmer, highlight the bridge and place your contour right beside your highlight, not to the side. You can then blend it out using a brush or your fingers.

Set Everything In Place

When you have gone through the process of creating your makeup masterpiece, you want to set your work in place. Which means using a setting powder. And a light application. We recommend using two brushes for applying your powder. For your face, take a large, fluffy brush and lightly pat your powder into your skin. Do not sweep. As your foundation and concealer are cream products, you do not want to move them by swiping at your skin. Using a large, fluffy brush will ensure you get a nice, thin application.

Next, set your under eyes using a clean, blending brush. This will allow for precise application.


Beauty tips that will help you elevate your makeup routine

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