Fila unveil their “Find Your Freedom” campaign Ireland

Fila unveil their “Find Your Freedom” campaign

Fila unveil their “Find Your Freedom” campaign

In Irish fashion news, Italian sportswear fashion giant Fila have launched their new Find Your Freedom” campaign.

The fashion brand normally associated with hipsters and club scene have unveiled their new #FILA “Find Your Freedom” which highlights the struggles of club DJ’s who are somewhat redundant due to the closure of all nightclubs during the COVID -19 pandemic lockdown of clubs and bars.

Fila’s “Find Your Freedom” campaign looks at their own relationship with the club scene while affording redundant DJ’s the opportunity a social media platform where they can discuss how they have been affected by the current lockdown.

Fila which was founded in Italy back in 1911 are one of the world’s leaders in men and women’s designer sports fashion wear and accessories.

Their new campaign puts the spotlight on club DJ’s and nightclubs where they can share their own stories of how they have learned to adapt and inject new skills into the way they present their music outside of the club scene.

To start the conversation, Fila brought some of the most recognised DJ’s from the club scene to an empty nightclub where they talked about their own experiences of dealing with the loss of being unable to perform during the current shutdown.

All DJ’s posed in Fila sports fashion gear that spans over 30 years of the rave scene. DJ legends like former member of hit British electronic dance music band The Prodigy, Leeroy Thornhill, Ratpack, DJ Oneman, YAZZUS, and LCY were all part of the line-up.

Founders of the rave scene in the UK, DJ and MC duo “Rat Pack reminisced about remembers Fila fashion’s involvement in the rave scene from the early days of the nineties.

Prodigy member Thornhill talks about his love of the Fila fashion and remembers purchasing Fila back in 1992 for the shoot of the music video “Everybody in the place” taken from the album “Experience.”

Fila “Find Your Freedom” is described as a positive and honest campaign that taps into the brand’s dance music heritage, while sharing a positive message of how music and freedom work hand in hand.


Fila unveil their “Find Your Freedom” campaign

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