The ultimate fashion guide to choosing men’s leggings Ireland

The ultimate fashion guide to choosing men’s leggings

The ultimate fashion guide to choosing men’s leggings

When it comes to choosing the right pair of men’s leggings to fit your physique this in itself can be challenging.

The pros and cons of men’s leggings are while they are super comfy, they can also be very revealing. Unlike sweatpants or trackie bottoms, more body features seem to be on show when it comes to leggings.

In recent months, men’s leggings have become a fashion favourite for men given the lockdown due to the coronavirus. They are super casual and easy to wear against the skin but getting the right pair for you is going to be important.

Forgetting style for a minute you also have to consider their needs and usage. Not all men’s leggings are the same and are designed for different occasions.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we are going to take a look at different types of leggings to act as a guide to help you get the one’s that best suit you.

Different types of leggings for men

Today, most men’s leggings are designed with both fashion and purpose in mind. Here are a few different styles to look out for when shopping for men’s leggings.

The spandex legging

These are probably the most prominent type of men’s leggings that are popular with guys today. Built for physical activities, spandex moves with the skin making it durable and comfy.

Some designs include padding to the undercarriage, thighs or bum area. This is to help reduce friction when working out or cycling.

The compression designed men’s leggings

These leggings are not as easy to come by as spandex leggings so it will require a bit of research to track down one’s that suit your needs.

Compression leggings are the type of leggings that seem to look smaller than they are. However, they are designed to stretch when on making them super comfy. A word of warning though, these are skintight and leave nothing to the imagination with everything on show.

They are a great choice for walkers or joggers and can even be worn underneath shorts for any shy guy. Their design helps to stimulate circulation and support important areas or the lower body.

Adidas 3 Stripe running Leggings for men Ireland

Adidas 3 Stripe running Leggings for men

The loose men’s legging design

There are more athleisurewear and usually worn around the house for more relaxed days. In saying that they are also great leggings for guys who like light workouts Their design means they are more relaxed on the skin and breathable to the leg and crotch area.

Fashion style leggings

These types of leggings come in so many different sizes and materials that you will be spoilt for choice. They are merely designed as fashion pieces.

Some fashion critics refer to them as skinny trousers with a legging finish. Popular designs come in a tight fit which again sit tight to the skin showing off the outline of the lower body. These should only be worn by guys with trim and tones calves and buttocks.

Simple ways to style men’s leggings

The key thing to remember when wearing any type of men’s leggings is that they are not designed for any type of semi to formal casual wear. They are to be enjoyed for sporting or super casual fashion wear.

This said, here are a few ways to style men’s leggings the simple way during winter for that great fashion finish.

Sportswear leggings look

Wear you leggings under a pair of baggy shorts. They can provide warmth to the body even on the coldest of winter mornings or evenings. Ensure to colour coordinate your assemble well.

Neutral shades always work well that fuse with your choice of hoodie or tee. Avoid loud bright colours unless you really want to be noticed.

Casual Fashion look

For any true fashionista looking to make a true fashion statement, then go large on top. This means opt for oversized jumpers or sweaters.

They tend to help keep the attention on the top half of the body while your leggings do the work below the waist. Again neutral shades above the belt line work best with colour block leggings downstairs.

It’s all about structuring balance to your overall fashion finish. If your leggings are super tight, exposing your grown jewels, try interesting bright hoodies with the logo effect. This keeps the eyes on the top opposed to the package below.

The ultimate fashion guide to choosing men’s leggings

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