Stella McCartney calls out to other fashion labels Ireland 2021

Stella McCartney calls out to other fashion labels

Stella McCartney calls out to other fashion labels

In Sustainable fashion news, Stella McCartney is calling on other fashion brands to give her their left-over fashion material so it can be used in production of her sustainable fashion collections.

The 49-year-old Londoner who is infamous for her sustainable clothing and accessories wants other fashion labels to donate their old unused clothing that she can regenerate into new fashion pieces.

McCartney who started designing her own clothes at the age of 13, went on to launch her own fashion label under her own name in 2001 in a partnership with the Gucci Group.

The talented and innovative designer recently launched her own sustainable fashion collection that was constructed using pieces left over from her previous seasons. Now Stella and is on the hunt for other fashion houses to give her their leftover pieces to be used in future items in forthcoming collections.

Chatting to fashion bible, Vogue magazine, Stella told them that she had to limit a lot of items from her most recent collection because she ran out of used material. She wants other fashion houses out there who have left over material as part of their production to give it to her so she can put it to good use.

Only last year McCartney unveiled her own A-Z manifesto that sets out her own label’s new guidelines and principles. This was designed to offer full transparency in how her fashion label l operates as well show how it is working as a brand to be environmentally friendly and achieve zero waste by upcycling materials.

The sustainable fashion designer selected a letter from the alphabet inspired by friends and people she knew or knows to explain her A-Z manifesto. For example, A is for Accountable, C is for Conscious, O is Organic and so on. You can check out all of Stella’s latest collections over at


Stella McCartney calls out to other fashion labels

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