Spring fashion 2021 colour combinations to try this season Ireland

Spring fashion 2021 colour combinations to try this season

Spring fashion 2021 colour combinations to try this season

Wearing the right colours can either make or break your outfit. but it can be intimidating if you do not know how. Unfortunately, this often leads people to sticking to the tried-and-true black and white outfits. Which can get boring very quickly.

From bold greens and yellows to softer pastel shades, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to see our seriously stylish colour combinations to add to your Spring 2021 wardrobe.

Green & Yellow

This may not be the first colour combo that comes to mind. However, green and yellow are the ultimate colours of Spring.

Not to mention, this colour combo works well with many different skin tones. If you have dark skin, stick to mustard or khaki tones. If you are on the cool side, you can add bright yellows and greens to sharpen up your outfit.

Partner your yellow blazer with a pair of green shoes and blue jeans. You can break up your look with a classic white shirt. If you are unsure of how to wear colour, try colour blocking. It will instantly add some much-needed vibrancy to your winter wardrobe.

Pale Pink & Blue

Nothing says Spring more than pastel colours. While soft pinks and blues may sound subtle, they can look amazing when styled the right way. And can be just as eye-catching as a pop of colour.

For a day look that will brighten up a dreary winter’s day, combine a blue sweater with a pink jacket. Or try to soften an all-black outfit with your pastel accessories. To even out your colour palette, you can rock a pair of white heels or trainers.

Red & Blue

You really cannot go wrong with wearing red and blue. Got a pair of basic blue jeans? Try jazzing them up with a killer red blazer and your favourite heels. Think business up top and party on the bottom. You will look chic without trying too hard and it smartens up a casual look.

If you are looking for the quintessential French-inspired look, get yourself a Breton striped top. Pair it with your blazer and jeans and you are all done.

Cobalt & Turquoise

Are you looking for a bright and powerful colour combo that will take you out of your style comfort zone? Look no further that cobalt and turquoise. This colour combo screams sophistication and class. You don’t need to break it up with a neutral cream or white. And it is one of those colour combos that look great with both silver and gold accessories.

Try on a regal blue dress with a pair of turquoise and you will look picture perfect all day long.

Spring fashion 2021 colour combinations to try this season

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