Fashion companies slammed for false sustainability claims EU Report

Fashion companies slammed for false sustainability claims

Fashion companies slammed for false sustainability claims

In Sustainable fashion news, the EU have criticised fashion & beauty houses for exaggerating their own sustainable credentials.

In a new report conducted by The European Commission, it accuses over 42% of fashion and beauty manufactures of over exaggerating how green their products are or are made.

National consumer protection authorities in the UK have reason to believe that around 42% of cases examined are either exaggerated, false or deceptive. They believe this has the potential to qualify as unfair commercial practices under European rules.

With more and more consumers now driven towards eco-friendly and sustainable products, the EU and NCPA believe that the matter of ‘Greenwashing’ by some beauty and fashion houses must be addressed immediately.

Belgium Politician, Didier Reynders who serves as the Commissioner for Justice for the European Commission said in a statement “More and more people want to live a green life, and I applaud companies that strive to produce eco-friendly products or services.”

“However, there are also unscrupulous traders out there, who pull the wool over consumers’ eyes with vague, false or exaggerated claims. The Commission is fully committed to empowering consumers in the green transition and fighting greenwashing. This is precisely one of the main priorities of the New Consumer Agenda adopted last autumn.”

The EU Commission and consumer authorities inspected 344 what they believe were suspicious claims and concluded that 50% of these cases, that the trader failed to provide sufficient information validate their accuracy.

In 37% of cases studied claim the usage of phrases such as “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” which give the impression to consumers that their product was produced with little or no damage to the environment.

The study also found that over 59% of cases examined did not supply evidence to support their company’s own claim of sustainability.

In an overview of findings by the EU, taking into account various factors, they believe 42% of cases examined are false or deceptive. Their concerns are this could potentially amount to an unfair commercial practice under the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD).

Sweeping changes are now planned by UK authorities who will be contacting individual companies and point out issues that have arisen during examinations of their sustainability claims. This is also expected to lead to new legislation that will empower consumers for the green transition, which was announced in the New Consumer Agenda.


Fashion companies slammed for false sustainability claims

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