Nike unveil their Nike Go FlyEase sneaker

Nike unveil their Go FlyEase sneaker

Nike unveil their Go FlyEase sneaker

In Irish fashion news, sport giant, Nike have unveiled their first ever hands-free sneaker called The Go FlyEase.

This revolutionary piece of sports footwear from the American sports company includes a few unique designs that includes one that allows the wearer to step in and go.

Nike which was founded in Oregon in the US back in 1964, are perceived as the biggest sports manufacturer in the world, closely followed by German sports brand Adidas.

The new Nike titled the Nike Go FlyEase shoe includes a bi- staple hinge to keep it open so it’s ready to wear. When the foot is put into the shoe and is pressed down by the wearer, it’s hinge releases allowing for the shoe to snap and close keeping it secure to the foot.

Added also includes flexi-tensioner around the outside of the shoe which is constructed using material used on the bottom of shoes to allow for more durability.

This clever piece of footwear also has a special “kickstand heel” that will snap the shoe open when stepped on with. Nike took inspiration from the design by looking how a diving board operates

Nike who are infamous for their sports footwear with their Nike Air Force being some of the biggest selling sneakers in the world haven’t forgot about sustainability in their design of the Go FlyEase

The materials used in the construction of their Go FlyEase sneaker can be easily be recycled into Nike Grind which is a post-consumer material that can be used in a variety of different products.

The release of the Go FlyEase will be offered to members of Nike first in the middle of February and will be available in three different shades.

It then moves into retail and on-line that will sell for around €110. Available sizes for the women’s version of the show start at 3.5 up to 13. For men, they start at 5 and go all the way up to 14.5 in size.


Nike unveil their Go FlyEase sneaker

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