How to style pale blue this fashion season Ireland 2021

How to style pale blue this fashion season

How to style pale blue this fashion season

There is no doubt after the hard slog of 2020, all of us are looking forward to this spring 2021. With last year being a total wash out as far as fashion goes, the new season is now upon us.

This spring is going to be a very interesting year as far as colour goes. Pastel shades are back in with light shades of blue set to dominate springtime fashion.

Blues offer that calming effect to any fashion look and is easier to style than you think. From jeans, to stylish top and spring time dresses, blue is the perfect shade as the new spring dawns.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some easy ways to incorporate Pale Blue or Serenity into your springtime fashion wardrobe.

Contrast and bold colour options

Pale blue can be quite chic when styled correctly. The one great thing about pale shades of blue is they can fuse effortlessly with neutral tones.

Its subdued range of colours also make it ideal for pairing with more bold tones. Peachy coloured hoodies and pale blue jeans present a great springtime casual look for those days off.

Reversing the role, a fitted pale blue sweater and red shades of skinny trousers present for a more smarter finish. Remember that shades of pale blue works as a neutral colour and works well with bolder shades.

Bright Blue Waist Enhance Tori Mom Jeans from New Look Ireland

Bright Blue Waist Enhance Tori Mom Jeans from New Look

The pale blue neutral affect

As I stated earlier, pale blue tone can be a great neutral shade and act as the foundation for any great springtime fashion look. It’s crispy sharp hues fuse effortlessly with white tones and after that it is all down to how you tailor your fashion finish.

Thinking casual wear opt for a light blue tee and add a fitted pair of white skinny jeans. Complete the look with plain white sneakers. This is perfect for that cool casual relaxed day off fashion look.

For something dressier, opt for a fitted pair of blue skinny trousers, add a black or cream shirt style blouse. Complete with a pair of neutral kitten heels. Its chic without your clothes screaming “look at me.”

Monochrome your pale blue look

Mist pale blue monochrome outfit has the ability to create a soft and stylish look. The best way to negate your look from becoming too Eastery is to blend contrasting accessories. This helps to inject some extra edge to your pale blue monochrome look.

Small variations in shading for example like a pale cadet top paired with turquoise blue trousers is fab. It can elongate your look without making your fashion combo look like a uniform. It’s classy and oh so chic.

The way to accessorise

Like when styling any outfit, accessorising can really bring out the best in any outfit when paired with a different colour.

For instance, a pale blue hue really can soften any dark or edgy look. This can also as a low key contrast, providing for an overall appealing finish without being too harsh.


How to style pale blue this fashion season

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