How to style your jumpsuit for every occasion Ireland

How to style your jumpsuit for every occasion

How to style your jumpsuit for every occasion

if you are looking for a garment that makes a statement, you need to get yourself a jumpsuit. This all-in-one garment creates a striking and fashionable look beyond your simple dress.

But we understand why some people may find them intimidating. After all, they are not the easiest piece to pull off. Wear the wrong fit and you go from fashion hero to zero.

However, we are here to put all of your fashion worries to rest. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our tips on how to style a jumpsuit for every occasion.


When we think of formal occasions, we think of dresses. But many overlook the jumpsuit. While a dress is a safe option, sometimes you need to shake things up. Jumpsuits can look just as polished as a dress and still have that wow factor. Choose a well-tailored style that fits your figure and keep your accessories simple.


If you still want to look stylish at a casual event, you cannot overlook a casual jumpsuit. It is fashionable, comfortable and gets you out of your t-shirt and jeans. There are a range of silhouettes nowadays to suit everyone’s style.

Loose-fitting styles with a drawstring at the waist tend to look flattering on everyone. If you plan on rocking some flat shoes, be sure that your jumpsuit is cropped or finishes above your ankle. This will help to keep your figure looking leaner and taller.


Although wearing a jumpsuit makes coordinating your outfit easier, it still requires a bit of thought to take it to the next level. While you can slip on your jumpsuit, you still need to know how to accessorise it.

Choose wrong and your whole outfit look unpolished and sloppy. To keep things looking stylish, plan out your accessories and pay attention to shoes and jewellery. A statement jumpsuit requires attention-grabbing accessories.


If you are unsure of how to style your jumpsuit, simply add a belt. By using this iconic accessory, you will cinch in your waist and highlight your figure. And if you are new to the world of jumpsuits, try to use a belt in a contrasting colour. This will add some dimension to your outfit and break the straight line of your jumpsuit. To bring your outfit together, match your belt to your shoes.


While being a statement on their own, jumpsuits can look boring without the right accessories. Particularly ones in bold colours. To add some interest to your look, simply use jewellery. It can also be used to keep everyone’s eyes on you.

However, be sure to go for pieces that stand out, mainly chunky necklaces or large earrings. Gold looks good with formal jumpsuits while a pop of colour add some fun to more casual styles.


Although jumpsuits can look flattering, they can also make you look shorter than you are. This is because they tend to draw the eye downwards.

Wide-leg or low-waist options are particularly notorious for making you look like a mini version of yourself. However, wearing heels is one of the easiest ways to combat this problem. The extra height that the heels give you will elongate your figure and lengthen the look of your legs. As a result, you look taller and leaner. Just be sure to choose slim heel and not chunky ones.

How to style your jumpsuit for every occasion

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