Beauty tips to help you embrace your natural hair colour Ireland 2021

Beauty tips to help you embrace your natural hair colour

Beauty tips to help you embrace your natural hair colour

Months spent in lockdown and quarantine may spur a desire for you to get back to your natural hair colour. Maybe you want your hair to look happy and healthy. Or you realised you have been spending too much money getting your hair dyed and want a low-maintenance colour?

But how do you transition to a more natural shade without suffering from dry, limp and lifeless locks? Instead of going cold turkey, try to see this journey as one that embrace more natural-looking hair treatments. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland for our tips on how you can start to embrace your natural hair colour.

Think Of Your Hair Goals

As with any hair journey, it is best to sit down and think about what you want. If you have been bleaching your hair, is your goal to lessen the times you apply bleach to your strands for a natural highlighted look? Or will you stretch your natural hair colour down for a more balayage style?

Also, be honest with your hair stylist. Talk about your hair journey so far and what dyes are currently in your hair. And remember to be patient.

Steer Clear Of Box Dye

Our number one tip to getting back to your natural hair colour? Put down the box dye. Instead, try to go to a professional when they open back up again. When someone has been colouring their hair for years, going natural is not always easy. Box dyes can carry a lot of pigment and can sometimes be irreversible. A semi-permanent colour rather than a permanent one in box dye may work better to achieve a tone close to your natural hair colour.

Blondes who have been getting highlights for years need to be particularly aware of box dyes. Unless you want to end up looking like a yellow-orange mess, leave your hair to the professionals.

Start Slow

If there are any blondes out there who want dark hair or vice versa, we cannot stress the importance of patience. Rushing the process can freak your hair out and lead to disaster. Start by adding some lowlights in the tone of your natural hair. Those of you who have been light for a long time often see your regrowth appearing darker than it actually is. Start by toning it down to blend with your regrowth or use lowlights to break up your blonde.

If you have naturally dark hair but have had a love affair with bleach over the years, don’t go dramatically dark in one sitting. To begin with, go one or two shades darker than the colour you have now. Porous hair can only absorb so much dye. This goes for anyone who has brunette, red or blonde hair.

Frame Your Face

Face-framing highlights can create lightness around your hairline and is a simple way to transition to your natural colour. It can also be a great way to keep the brightness of your face and slowly pull you away from your bleach obsession. Highlights around your face can unify your ends and root by making sure your hair moves in a natural direction.

Beauty tips to help you embrace your natural hair colour

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