Fashionable ways to style a frock coat this winter Ireland

Fashionable ways to style a frock coat this winter

Fashionable ways to style a frock coat this winter

It’s winter so outer layering is always going to be a top priority for any fashionista. Our coat will not only keep us protected from the elements but also says a lot about our own personal style.

For most of us, picking that perfect coat that is right for more than more one occasion. Do we want something formal; does it have to be casual, decisions decisions!

Enter the frock coat. This beauty is an all-rounder when it comes external winter layering. Its versatile design makes it great for office or night out fashion.

It is also a classic coat to that has stood the test of many fashion seasons to become a popular and safe choice for winter coat wear. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to look at a few ways to style your frock coat this coming season.

Just before we do that let’s delve into the design of the frock coat itself and see where it all started.

The history of the frock coat

Let’s go back in time to the later 19th century. This is when the frock coat became a popular fashion choice for both men and women of the Victorian and Edwardian era.

Its length falls just above the knee line (just like a frock dress)

Popular features include reverse collars and lapels with some designs having collars cut from different material. Suppression to the waist draws it in to give it that super and subtle fashion finish.

How to style your frock coat

This winter fashion favourite is fab when paired with smart outfits. Add a skirt suit or shift style dress and they are a perfect mix.

Double Breasted Frock Coat from Zara Ireland

Double Breasted Frock Coat from Zara

The key thing to remember that the frock coat always looks better when paired with streamlined clothing below the waist. Fitted skirts and cigarette trousers offers a balanced silhouette to any fashion look.

The beauty about the frock dress is its great fun to accessorise. Add a woollen hat or beret with cosy leather gloves for warmth and style. Add that formal style handbag to complete a chic finish.

Different styles of frock coats

Over the past decade, the frock coat has taken on many new and updated designs to suit numerous personal fashion preferences. We take a look at a few of the most popular frock coat designs available today

The double-breast frock coat

This has a military look about it. Popular designs include a basket-weave material with button cuffs and a convertible standing collar. It’s a timeless classic to be enjoyed for years to come.

The chenille frock coat

This reworked frock coat design comes with a deep modern day V neckline, while still holding on to the classic elements of a traditional coat.

Landing above the knee line, some designs include a centre back vent which allows for more freedom of movement.
The skirted trim frock coat

Popular designs come in a double breasted finish. As a conventional frock design, it comes in a full skirt, and high neck arrangement with trim finish

The envelope collar frock coat

Modern designs include a double-breasted frock style with a beautiful high waisted fitted. finish. It’s flared bottom with deep pleats makes it a stylish “go to” coat for the winter months ahead.

The single-breasted frock coat

Probably the most versatile of all the frock coat designs. Some popular pieces come with removable collars and make it a great choice of fashion for your way into the office or casual night out with friends. Removable faux fur collars add something different to this beautiful creation.


Fashionable ways to style a frock coat this winter

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