How to style your puffer jacket in 2021 Ireland

How to style your puffer jacket in 2021

How to style your puffer jacket in 2021

If there is one jacket that everyone should own, it is the puffer. These big and bulky jackets will keep you warm all winter long. Not to mention, they can look seriously stylish.

The puffer jacket has an option for everyone. But it’s all about how you style it. What’s the point of wearing this hot jacket if the rest of your outfit looks drab and dreary? Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for some unique ways to style your puffer jacket in 2021.

Black Puffer Jacket

Although black is not exactly a unique colour, it is classic for a reason. And is the best option when you are unsure of what colour to buy. This colour is known for its versatility and you can wear it with practically anything.

Whether you are rocking your mom jeans or best dress, a black puffer jacket is an essential for anyone’s wardrobe.

Pop Of Colour

If your own style is more bold than basic, get yourself a puffer jacket in a bright colour. Whether your favourite colour is blue, red, yellow or another vibrant hue, your ideal puffer jacket is out there.

Once you find your match, it’s all about completing the look. With the jacket being the feature part of your look, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple. This will help you create a more balanced ensemble. Opt for pieces in neutral shades and classic cuts. If you are unsure of what to wear, you cannot go wrong with skinny jeans and fitted t-shirts.

Muted Colour

If you are not ready to embrace bold colour, try to rock muted tones instead. Whether it is a subtle shade of pink or cream, a muted puffer jacket can look just as stylish as its bold counterpart. Even though they are more reserved than bold colours, these outerwear designs can look just as awesome.

They pair well with casual outfits with a little edge and are the perfect match for your denim. You can pair yours with your favourite jeans or denim skirt. and finish the look with some streetwear essentials, like boots or graphic tee.


Silver is a popular colour choice for statement accessories. So, why not incorporate it into your wardrobe with a silver puffer jacket? If you want to keep on trend, you need to have a big, reflective, silver puffer jacket in your wardrobe.

And keep the rest of your outfit simple to rock the futuristic design of this jacket. You could choose a monochrome colour palette like black or white.

Doing this will allow your jacket to stand out and ensure it does not clash with the rest of your look. Then, to complete your look, choose simple pieces like flared jeans or a plain t-shirt and sneakers.


Puffer jackets not only look great, but they also do a good job at keeping you warm and toasty. For maximum protection, choose one that finishes just at your shins.

And if it has a bold print or colour, well, that’s even better. When you wear a maxi jacket, why bother being subtle or understated?

If you want a simple look, pair your long puffer jacket with a dress and trainers. Or embrace your inner rock and roll persona with leather trousers and graphic tees.

How to style your puffer jacket in 2021

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