Simple ways to make your outfit look more expensive Ireland

Simple ways to make your outfit look more expensive

Simple ways to make your outfit look more expensive

You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your outfit look expensive. With just a few styling tricks, you can put together a polished and chic look that screams money.

Because, let’s face it, we have bigger things to worry about than spending all of our money on clothes. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland are just a few tips to help make your outfit look more expensive that it actually is.


Whether all black is your thing or you prefer creams and ivories, wearing a monochrome look is an effective way of looking expensive. It’s a luxurious trend that always looks great, no matter who wears it.

Opt for different colours in the same family or choose a black and brown combo.

Add Texture

Faux leather and suede. Tweed and jacquard. Just give us all the texture! Not only will these materials add some visual interest to what you wear, but they can elevate the most basic of looks.

Get Clothes Tailored

The key to pulling off any look comes down to the right fit. And wearing clothes that fit you is the most underrated fashion tip we can offer you. Fit is your friend – but it can be your enemy.

Take the time to nip things in at the waist or drop a hem. Just doing these small changes can make a drastic difference in how you look.

Invest In Classic Pieces

Especially with your coats. Find a good quality coat, wear it with everything. Then rinse and repeat. Getting the right coat comes down to your own personal style. However, you cannot go wrong with a classic trench coat or leather bomber. You should have some solid neutrals in your wardrobe as well as a more elaborate coat option.

And A Hand Steamer

We do not need to tell you that wrinkles do not go with any outfit. so, it might be a good idea to invest in a good hand steamer. This will ensure you can get in some last-minute smoothing and helps your outfit look its best.

And while irons are great, a steamer is gentler on your clothes and this allows for less wear and tear over time.

Use The Right Accessories

We know we keep going on about wearing the right accessories. But they can make or break any look that you wear. the right accessories can make all the difference between a great outfit and a terrible one. So, it’s important that you choose wisely and wear them often.

A structured bag, a silk scarf or gold accents – like a fancy belt or buttons – can easily elevate your look and make it look expensive.

Simple ways to make your outfit look more expensive

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